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Govee Motion Sensor Review

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While the internet of things are taking off, Govee bucks the trend with a battery powered (wireless) motion sensor that does not connect to wifi, and does not require an app.  Is there a place for this gizmo if you are looking for affordable motion sensors?


car alarm alternative govee motion sensor
One alternative to an expensive car alarm is placing Govee Motion Sensor in the cabin. See car alarm alternative for more info.
  • Long Range
    The tech claims to work up to 328 feet, which is longer than a football field.  
  • Simple Installation
    There is no app to download, and no connecting the device to your wifi.  
  • Internet Tamper Proof
    A wifi security system requires constant contact with the internet.  If your internet is cut, or your internet goes down, this device will not fail.
  • Unique Alert Tones
    There is a whole library of options (36 ringtones) to make your hub jingle when the Govee alerts.  There is something for everyone with that ring.

Installation and Use

There is beauty in simplicity.

Unlike gadgets that have flooded the market that require the internet, this motion sensor (powered by 3 AAA batteries) wirelessly communicates with  a powered hub that plugs directly into the wall.  When motion is detected, the hub receives an alert, and it plays the chime you select at the volume you prefer.  LED lights blink during an alert, as well. 

Pairing the motion sensor with the hub takes about a minute, and the directions are pretty straightforward.

One confusing note about this device is how it is powered. You can power the motion sensor with either 3 AAA batteries, or with a usb chord (one is provided). The usb plug is a nice addition, just don’t expect it to charge the batteries like a phone with a lithium ion battery.

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Customizing The Govee and Getting Creative

At a low listing price, you can afford to test this gadget’s limits.  Many people are using the Govee Motion Sensor in creative ways, from car monitoring to outdoor surveillance. 

Adding Weather Protection

While the specification clarifies that the Govee Motion Detector is not waterproof, there are a contingent of Amazon reviewers that have tested the motion sensors in the elements.  One reviewer covered the sensor in duct tape, and another reviewer used waterproof silicon to seal the edges.  The user could place it in a covered patio and test it in cold weather to see if the gadget can withstand cold and hot temperatures. It is conceivable that an enthusiastic DIYer could construct a little “birdhouse” with a window for the sensor, and monitor a side gate, back door, or driveway. 

Note, battery life goes down in cooler temperatures.

If you want more peace of mind in outdoor monitoring, see this weatherproof motion sensor.

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Pros of the Govee Motion Sensor

By going “Old School” and not using the internet, the simplicity of the Govee is one of its greatest strengths.

Affordable Monitoring

This “Dumb Device” adds a layer of security to your home if all your security devices require the internet to work (and receive notifications on your phone).  When all the other devices are down, this one will keep working, as long as there is power.  You can monitor the back door of a business, or keep an eye on side doors of your house.   

Monitor Anything Anywhere With Power

This internet-free device opens up another opportunity: Monitoring any location in range of a hub. Since it doesn’t need a wifi internet connection, you can unplug the hub and take the motion sensor/ hub pair with you. If you want to monitor your car in the hotel parking lot, all you need to do is park within range of your hotel room, where you plug in the hub.

Car Monitoring

As mentioned above, cars are vulnerable in outdoor parking spots, public streets, and driveways.  If the car is range of the hub, you can arm your car by flipping the on switch on the sensor, placing the motion sensor on the dash or in the cup holder, and you’re good to go.  It won’t false alarm because IR sensors can’t see through glass, so it will only alarm when someone enters the car. To prevent the alarm from sounding the next morning, unplug the hub before entering the car and flipping the switch off.  That beats buying and installing a car alarm! View the top choices when using a motion sensor as a car alarm, including a wifi connected motion sensor from Kangaroo. Furthermore, you can extend this idea and use a motion sensor to monitor your RV or motorhome in your driveway.

Cons of the Govee Motion Sensor

This motion sensor is not weatherproof out of the box, so if you want to experiment with its limits, you are on your own.  There is no wifi connectivity with this device, which is both a pro and a con. To get notifications on your phone, you can actually pay less with the Kangaroo Motion Sensor.  If you like this brand, you can try the Govee Motion Sensor that uses wifi and gives notifications for your phone. If you want a more weatherproof device, you can check out this motion sensor, but it costs a bit more.

Wrapping Up

While motion sensors are not the panacea for home and car security, the Govee Motion Sensor works great.  The prices have dropped low enough for people to experiment with these gadgets, and find solutions to difficult monitoring problems.  Leave a comment if you have an interesting use for one!