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Up until mid 2020, this site had existed as a resource for individuals to build small business websites, and serve local small businesses in web development.   

After years of creating websites on WordPress and sharing tutorial videos, this site expanded its content to include interesting tech products and solutions for the modern home. 

Keynotes for tech testing and product reviews are quality and affordability.  This site scours the smart home options and stays true to the idea that modern tech convenience does not always come at the highest price.  This site aims for tech products that deliver performance at fantastically low prices. 

Simplicity of use and installation are also high priorities for tech products appearing on this site. 

You can find a million reviews on the most expensive, most popular home tech solutions.  This site will give reviews on affordable tech solutions that deliver in performance, price, and ease of use.

Lastly, in staying true the WordPress tutorial origins of this site, this site provides many tutorials in creating a quality affiliate marketing site with WordPress.  You can find WordPress tutorials, videos, and affiliate site tips throughout this site.


This site emphasizes quality, affordability, and simplicity in the area of home tech solutions. You may not need to pay top dollar for a great smart home experience. Through research, testing, and passion for tech, the goal of this site is to uncover quality tech products that are affordable and easy to use.

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This site once served small business owners looking to launch a quality site as fast as possible. The tutorials found on this site result from years of work on the WordPress platform. With these WordPress tutorials, launching your own affiliate site and making money producing content about your hobbies or passions has never been easier.

Bill Wood

A tech enthusiast that is constantly looking for tech deals, simple hacks, and fun solutions for a modern tech experience at home. Researching and testing smart home solutions that maintain quality and affordability are the ideal products found on this site. Additionally, creating websites with WordPress is another passion and outlet that you will find on this site.