pilot friXion color markers

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Accessorize Your Rocketbook With Multi-Colored Felt-Tip Marker Pens

While the Pilot FriXion Pen may have a love/ hate relationship with Rocketbook users, there is no doubt that using several colors within your smart notebook could improve your experience and enliven your notes. The nice thing about the Rocketbook, as opposed to a tablet stylus, is that the pens can be found online or at any big box store and they won’t dent your pocketbook like this Apple Pencil 2 for over $100.

Stylize and Accessorize Your Notes With Several Pen Colors
Low cost for major impact on notes.
Marker pens won’t dent Rocketbook pages.
Comes with 12 colors.

The only question is, how do you know which pens to buy?

Keep reading for more information about these felt-tip marker pens.

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Simple Accessory For Great Impact

If you want greatly improve your Rocketbook experience with a low cost accessory, why not try a color-coded note system? A student that takes tons of notes using the multi-subject Rocketbook could add some colors to help organize a large volume of notes. You will be able to access and retain notes easier if you are looking back at your notes for a specific color. You may even add an enjoyable element to producing notes in a more artistic way. Even in notetaking, when you are producing something you enjoy creating, you will have motivation to continue in the notetaking activity.

What Colors Are In The Pack

This particular pack comes with 12 colors, and are listed below.

Light Blue
Soft Green
Baby Pink
the multi color pen results
Multi-colored erasable pens for Rocketbook and regular notes

Why Felt Tip Marker Pens?

This review focuses on marker pens, as opposed to the fine point colored pens. This particular marker pen writes well, so you don’t sacrifice legibility.

Another nice characteristic of the soft point pen is that you won’t damage your Rocketbook pages with softer pens. Some people press too hard with the fine point pen and it leaves ghost scratches on the pages, even after you erase. That won’t happen with a softer pen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these pens, in particular, scored high marks in producing legible writing. That’s perfect for the notetaking purposes of a Rocketbook.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is that they erase well. If you make a mistake, it is easy to erase. Erasing is the key to longevity in a Rocketbook, and these pens won’t dent your pages.

Downside of Felt Pens

Let’s weigh a few of the negative aspects of the felt tip multi-colored markers. 

First, many don’t like how soft the tips are. They want a hard point writing utensil that leaves a crisp, thin stroke. If you are looking for a clean edge that erases well, check out the fine-point color pens for Rocketbook.

Second, these colored marker pens are not great for art or coloring. If you want to produce heavy-colored pages, find a thicker pen, because these are for writing.

Third, because they are felt tip, they can dry out quickly if you forget to put the cap back on, so be sure to cap each pen after use.


They are marker pens NOT fine point! Love it
I am so excited to find these again. They are my favorite!
Jessica Rosas
It took me almost a year to use these markers. I bought them to use with my Rocketbook but finally decided to try them on my daily planner. I’m SO happy I did. They work amazing! I was hesitant at first because they are erasable so I thought they would wear off – NOPE! Plus as a bonus the erasers on them are a sort of hard rubber that doesn’t seem to wear away. I’ve been using them faithfully for the past 3 months. I will say though they are light colored so if you are looking for deep dark markers these aren’t them. It took a while for delivery as they are coming from China but for the price it was well worth the wait. I’m now using them for my college classes as well. They would be a great idea for anyone with little kids too.

Markers Over Pens? You Decide.

Some users love the felt tip markers, while others prefer the fine tips pens. In the end, you will not destroy your wallet in testing these markers out, and you could also switch to fine tip colored pens, if you feel like switching sides to the hard point team.