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Amazingly Affordable Tech Gifts Under $10 – Idea Series 1 of 2

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This list contains low-priced tech gift ideas that are all below $10 (prices may vary at time of reading). This eclectic mix of tech features the cheapest gift ideas on this site, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of amazing deals to be found, and some of products actually have decent quality.

At the same time, dirt cheap tech reminds us not to take everything too seriously. Have some fun with this list of gift ideas, and save some money at the same time.

You can browse the list from top to bottom, or click the link to jump to a specific tech gift idea. The first item in the list wins “Top Tech Gift” in the list.

1. Top Tech Gift Below $10 – Smartphone Wallet Sleeve

wallet sleeve that adheres to phone back.
Eliminate the wallet with this tech accessory and put your items in a sleeve on back of your phone.

Leave your wallet behind with this tech accessory! These sleeves are blowing up in popularity, and they are sure to be a hit with tech enthusiasts that travel light. Adhere this sleeve to your phone case and carry credit cards, a house key, IDs, money, and more. This particular sleeve comes with the option to add a ring for holding, so check out the options. There are tons of options below $10 to choose from.

Phone accessories like this make fantastic, cheap gifts because you can make a fashion statement and make your life easier at the same time!

2. Activity Monitoring Smart Bracelet

This tech gadget that will monitor your vitals and more.

Wearable tech like this smart bracelet have come down in price drastically! With over 1,200 positive reviews, this activity tracker bracelet comes in several colors.

This smart bracelet will monitor your steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep, provide some app notifications, and more! No need to spend big bucks on a Fitbit when you can try this cheap replacement with shining reviews.

A few reviews said setup was challenging, but for the price, it might be worth the challenge. You can use it as a stocking stuffer or a fun gift for the tech experimenter in the family.

For a great alternative to this bracelet, check out the winning tech product in the $20 Tech Gifts post.

3. The Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

cheapest earbuds money can buy
Earbuds with value since Bluetooth earbuds are selling at twenty times this price.

This particular pair of earbuds might be internet’s cheapest pair of Bluetooth earbuds. This will be a popular tech gift in 2020, so buy several, and buy early, because at this value, they might not last long.

For another cheap option with more reviews, try these wireless earbuds on Amazon.

Indeed, you could buy 10 pairs and be the hero of the holidays while you hand them out like candy. You will save stacks of cash with this gift idea, and you could probably buy a pair for yourself.

4. Smartphone Screen Magnifier

magnify your mobile phone screen
This tech gift idea will magnify the size of your phone’s screen for sharing.

How many times have you struggled to share a video with loved ones on your smartphone? This little gadget will increase the size of your phone screen so everyone can enjoy a video streaming from a single smartphone.

Select the right size at checkout and enjoy a larger screen whenever you stream a movie or long video that is worth sharing.

5. Bluetooth Mini Speaker

portable bluetooth speaker photo
This cheap Bluetooth speaker is great for music on the go.

This mini Bluetooth speaker is nothing groundbreaking, but it is a cheap and easy way to listen to tunes on the go. The small size makes it portable for travel and it comes with a lanyard for easy carrying.

Reviewers have given it 4 out 5 stars. Most of them are not asking for the world, just a decent outdoor speaker that weighs less than a half of a pound (5 ounces).

6. Kitchen Smartphone Stand For Cooking or Viewing

smartphone stand for cooking in kitchen
This stand makes your smartphone easier to see when cooking in the kitchen.

The days of resting your phone in spilled sauces are over! With this stylish, little gadget, you can keep your phone clean and out of danger while you cook the kitchen.

For people that like to experiment in the kitchen, this smartphone stand allows you to view your recipe with ease. You will be able to try new recipes or listen to tunes while your phone sits on this stylish-looking accessory that comes in black or white.

For a cheaper, stocking-stuffer option, try this 6 pack of smart phone stands.

7. Smartphone Tripod and Selfie Stick with Remote

This tripod combos as a selfie stick, and it comes with a remote. That’s a pretty decent value for under $10.

If you have a YouTuber or Instagrammer in your house, this smartphone accessory might be for you.

This little tech combo is here to remind you that the most expensive gear might not produce the best shots. Many kids on “the gram” with enormous followings are probably using gear that is worse than this! At this price, experiment and have fun while you post.

8. Glowing Toilet Light

We have the technology to make your toilet glow 8 different colors for a price below $10.

Who wouldn’t want a glowing toilet? Indeed, there’s a little something for everyone on this list. While this gift idea might have started as a funny toilet gag gift, it has a rating of 4.8 stars and over 600 reviews. People actually really like this toilet light.

Come to think about it, this light might help if you are sleepy and you need to know where to sit in the dark. Additionally, maybe it helps boys with aiming issues.

The only question you should be asking yourself right now is, “Why doesn’t my toilet glow 8 colors?”

9. Finger Strap Smart Phone Accessory

Save your phone from falling with this handy tech gadget that will make a great gift.

Several of the tech gifts below $10 are phone accessories, and this tech gift is no exception. If you know someone with butterfingers, this product is for you.

The strap can also be used to hold a tablet of almost any size (it might come in handy for large tablets as those products can be difficult to hold).

If you don’t like the strap, check out these other popular options below.

10. Remote Control Mouse Toy For Cats and Pranks

Whether you want to play with your cat or prank someone, this remote control mouse is a fun tech gift.

For the last tech gift in the cheapest $10 category, a fun pet toy was included in the list. Cats and pranksters might love this remote control mouse.

As far as tech gifts go, the group of remote control items has a presence at almost every price level category. Unfortunately, one of the only sub $10 remote controls looks like a mouse, and probably doesn’t move too well.

Stay tuned for more impressive remote control options in more expensive categories.

If you like this list of super-cheap tech gifts, stay tuned! There will be more price categories coming.

For a list with a slight bump in price, check out these tech gift ideas under $20.

If you found a gift on this list, feel free to leave a comment to share how it went.