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Best Affordable Tech Gifts Under $20 – Idea Series 2 of 2

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For tech gift ideas under $20, the purchasing options are surprising in terms of variety and quality. As usual, you can find the “Top Tech Gift” on this list in the first slot. For the below $20 category, a versatile smartwatch wins the slot by providing an incredible alternative to smartwatches that cost hundreds of dollars.

While these gift ideas are very affordable, you can also browse another list of super-cheap tech gifts below $10.

Popular trends are hard to ignore. Phone accessories make a heavy appearance, but there are many more cheap tech gift ideas to browse.

1. Top Tech Gift Under $20 – Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

Enjoy this incredible deal under $20. Smartwatches are taking off, and this one works and looks great.

The #1 tech gift idea under $20 is a smartwatch that delivers tons of features at a fraction of the usual price. The tech keeps getting better, the prices on some tech products keep coming down, and the savvy tech shopper reaps all the rewards! Don’t let the price fool you. Check out the list below to see some of the capabilities.

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Pedometer (speed, distance, and more)
  • Battery up to 8 days
  • iOS and Android apps
  • App notifications
  • Call and text reminders

This looks like a new product for 2020, so there aren’t many reviews yet. Nevertheless, the current majority absolutely love this smartwatch. “After wearing it for two days, it is very comfortable and I get many compliments on the sleek and smooth modern design. It looks just like an Apple Watch Too!” Full review here.

2. Handheld Game Console With 400 Games

retro gameboy gaming console photo
This gaming console will take you back to the good ol’ days and keep you entertained with 400 classic games.

The #1 Best Seller in the Game Boy console category on Amazon is the perfect gift idea for your techie.

At a price below $20, it is also the lowest price gaming console with so many games included.

This “old school” gift is perfect for gamers that want to kill some time on a roadtrip or have fun with gamer friends. It supports two players, so the back seat will be rocking as you travel in the car.

It has over 200 ratings and it is rating at a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

3. Lens Attachments For Phone Camera

Take amazing photos with wide-angle and macro lens by attaching them to your phone camera.

This pair of wide-angle and macro lenses will boost your phone’s photos to another level!

Most of the lower-priced lenses cost double this gadget, so take advantage of this incredible deal, and have fun taking photos.

This attachment is built for both Android and Apple smartphones.

If you have ever tried taking photos very close to an object, you might have been frustrated by the limited tech that comes standard on most smartphones. This accessory provides the solution, and at the same time, costs much less than the average lens phone attachments.

You will be able to take close-up photos with the macro lens, or take some landscape photos with the wide-angle lens. Experiment away!

4. Stylish Bluetooth Earbuds

This pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds let’s you deliver sound to your ears for under $20.

How about this pair of white, stylish-looking Bluetooth earbuds that cost a fraction of the name brand? If you want to go wireless, and look fashionable doing it, these might make a great cheap tech gift.

With over 900 reviews, and averaging over 4 stars, these earbuds are a great alternative to the expensive, name-brand earbuds.

They get decent performance, as well. You should enjoy crystal clear calls without any latency since they use Bluetooth 5.0 tech. They also come with a portable charging case that will give your earbuds 30 hours of battery in total (4-5 hours per charge).

For a sweat-proof pair that come in black or silver options, try these sweat-proof wireless earbuds as another great alternative on Amazon.

5. Remote Control Helicopter

This remote control helicopter provides maximum fun at a cheap price.

This remote control helicopter will pique the interest of drone hobbyists, and at the same time, it won’t break the bank. Drones might be so tired and “old hat,” try this retro “old school” RC helicopter that will make flying new and exciting again.

With almost 15,000 reviews, this is a popular tech gift that many have enjoyed.

6. Sunrise Alarm Clock

low priced sunrise alarm clock photo
This alarm clock is a popular option to wake up like you are waking up to the sunrise.

Sunrise alarm clocks are becoming quite popular. This one might be the cheapest sunrise clock on the market!

This clock uses warm LED light so you won’t be traumatized every time you need to wake up early. It also comes with different sounds to wake up to, along with an easy snooze button, and color options.

It has over 4 stars with over 3,000 reviews, so you know you are getting some value with this unbelievable tech product.

7. Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

photo of inexpensive waterproof speaker
This speaker is perfect for sharing tunes outside by the pool.

This little tech gadget wins the award for “Lowest-Priced Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker,” if there was such an award.

The speaker is not going to blow your hair back, but it’s a great option if you need something portable and waterproof.

It has 4.4 stars and over 2,000 reviews, which gives you confidence that you are getting a great value with this tech gift.

8. No Button With Sound

Great prank gift for a parent or boss that gets tired saying, “NO!”

The No Button barely missed the cutoff for the cheapest category under $10. This is a great gag gift for the boss or parent that is always having to say “No!”

The reviews say the audio is pretty loud, so rest assured, you are getting some bang for your buck.

There are other buttons, too, if you want to check out the list below.

9. Catchphrase Game

This family game provides hours of entertainment.

With over 5,000 words and sayings, this game will keep the fun going.

There is a timer and buzzer for each team, and you try and guess the word or phrase that appears on the screen by describing it however you can convey the words. With tons of categories to choose from, this game is a fun tech gift for the family that doesn’t cost too much.

The game has 4.7 stars out of 5, and over 2,500 people have reviewed it, so it is a safe bet for a fun gift idea.

10. 3D Printing Pen

cheap 3d printing pen tech trend
Embrace the latest tech trends and get started 3D printing with this cheap little pen.

This original gift idea pulls from the current trends of 3D printing. To get started in this hobby, you don’t need to spend a ton. Your tech savant will love to experiment with this pen that doesn’t write, it prints 3D objects.

You don’t need to worry about burning yourself, either. This 3D printing pen is heatless.

Overall, the reviews are pretty positive for such a cheap way to get started in the 3D printing world.

11. Extra Small Video Camera

super small video camera photo
There are a million uses for this tiny video camera that takes photos as well as video.

The tech keeps getting smaller with this amazing tech gift that will fit between your fingers. This wonder of technology can take decent 1080p video indoors, outdoors, and at night with a 140 degree wide angle lens.

The battery isn’t great, you can record for about 100 minutes. Still, the price still makes this a worthy tech gift to consider.

You could take it for a ride on your drone, or take it with you on a trip. With this camera’s small size and low price, this is a versatile tech gift that will make someone’s day.

12. Best Selling Phone Holder Stand

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive about this phone stand. 22,000 people can’t be wrong!

The best selling phone holder stand almost cracks the category in the $10 tech gifts list. For a few extra bucks, you can join 22,000 positive reviewers that love this smartphone stand.

Note the stylish hole in the back so you can charge your smartphone while you are cooking or streaming a video. The stand does a nice job combining practicality and style.

For other great smartphone stand options, check out the list below.

13. Double-Sided Mini Stunt Car

This RC car makes a great cheap gift for the high tech lovers and the casual dabbler in remote control tech.

A mini remote control car is an essential to an tech gift list. Even for casual fans, these mini cars are great because they are cheap, so you can get creative with them. You can run them hard, and if it breaks, it is no big deal.

Not only does this car have “grippy” tires to go off-road, it can flip over and keep on going when you take it off some sick jumps.

This little car is great for little kids and adults, alike. You can introduce the world of RC toys to little ones, and you can bring your techie some “old school” fun that might make him or her reminisce about the good ol’ days.

With a rating of 4.6 stars and over 4,400 reviews, people love this cheap tech gift just under $20.

14. Phone Screen Magnifier With Speakers

A tech solution to share your media on your smartphone with everyone in the room, not just one at a time.

The problem in this smartphone world is that sharing media is usually a “one at a time” proposition. This tech gadget provides a solution with screen magnification and audio amplification. Not only will it magnify your screen with an acrylic fresnel lens, it will play the phones audio through a Bluetooth connection.

From home videos to streaming Netflix, this little gift allows you to share all of your smartphone’s media.

As an alternative, this screen magnifier might work if you don’t need audio.

Wrapping Up

If you enjoyed this brainstorming session of tech gifts under $20, check out the other list of tech gift ideas under $10.

Check back, there will be more lists at other prices to come.

If you purchased an item on the list, and you have first-hand knowledge about how the gift turned out, leave a comment!