multi colorod 14447 pilot frixion clicker

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Best Fine Point Colored FriXion Pens For Rocketbook Are 14447 Erasable Clicker

The highest rated multi-colored Pilot Pens with a fine point are the Pilot FriXion 14447 Erasable Clicker Assorted Color pack. With 15 colors available, just click it and start transforming your Rocketbook notes into a work of art. This is an easy way to make your notes more readable, and easier to retain information when you color code each information type. Additionally, the fine point of the pen ensures you won’t sacrifice the familiar crisp strokes of the regular Pilot FriXion Pens while you add colors.

Familiar Fine Points But Major Color Boost
Make your notes more legible.
Easier to review and study notes using multi colored system
15 refillable pens at a relatively low cost.
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6,000 Reviews Covering The Pros and Cons

With over 6,000 reviews garnering an average rating of 4.8 stars, the 14447 Pilot FriXion Model is the highest rated colored pen available. Some enthusiasts continue to use these pens after 3-4 years, probably because when you find the right pen, why switch? Even with a majority of 5 star reviews, there are some downsides to this pen, so keep reading to see both the pros and the cons.

The Pros Of The 14447 Erasable Clicker

Use for Rocketbook or any paper type.
Erasable ink that erases clean without leaving behind ghosting.
Clicker function means it won’t dry out.
1st and only pen authenticated by the nation’s leading STEM accreditation and education organization due to science behind erasable ink.
Kids can use pens without worrying about making mistakes.
Refillable pens are better for the environment.
Bright colors to enliven your notes.
Fine point to keep your pen strokes crisp.

The Cons Of The 14447 Erasable Clicker

The ink runs out faster than an average pen.
Cost is slightly higher than average pen.
Ink required a few seconds to dry.
Left handers get ink on hand because it doesn’t dry fast enough.
Eraser on pen might damage Rocketbook paper if you erase too hard (use cloth instead).

Even when reviewers had issues with the 14447 Clicker, the pros seem to outweigh the cons.

Not only is Pilot FriXion the only pen to receive STEM Authenticated status by, they are donating to STEM causes in their “FriXion For Good” campaign.

While the cost is a little higher, they are not nearly as expensive as high-priced popular pens.

There are so many different uses for erasable, fine-point color pens that it is easy to justify the slightly higher cost.

Pilot FriXion 14447 Erasable Clicker Details

Let’s take a deeper dive into the multi-colored 15 pack of this Pilot FriXion pen. The fine point will write like a familiar Pilot FriXion Pen, since the point is 0.6-0.7 mm. The gel ink in the pen is the same Pilot FriXion gel ink that erases on friction and heat, with the eraser cap or on a Rocketbook page with a damp cloth.

15 Bright Colors

The 14447 Pilot FriXion Clicker pack comes in 15 colors (as seen here).

Reddish Orange
Light Green
Light Blue
Light Purple

Below is a photo of the colors included in the 15 pack of Pilot FriXion 14447 Erasable Clickers.

15 Colors in 14447 pack.

Why Fine Point Pens?

One major benefit to these colored pens is that the experience is similar to a regular pen. They write smooth, but they erase clean.

Also, the pens dry faster than the Pilot FriXion Markers. If you take fast notes, you probably want a pen that dries fast.

One of the most cited benefits of this pen is that it erases well. Making a mistake with a pen can be a headache, but that won’t happen with this pen.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these pens, in particular, scored high marks in producing legible writing. That’s perfect for the notetaking purposes of a Rocketbook.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is that they erase well. If you make a mistake, it is easy to erase. Erasing is the key to longevity in a Rocketbook, and these pens won’t dent your pages and leave residue behind.


I love these pens (and I’m a pen snob). They are great for planner and journal in case things change- just turn pen over and erase! Improved from the last time I bought them with removable caps.

V L Carney

I am a loyal customer of these erasable pens. They are awesome – great colors and erase cleanly. I’ve always used them for writing notes at work (helpful when ppl change their mind on things and notes have to be revised 😉) but now my 5 year old daughter uses them for homework and writing practice as well. She is still learning so can easily get frustrated if she messes up. The erasable quality saves us all some tears! Cons are they go run out of ink quickly if you use them as regularly as I do. Also they are pretty pricey compared to normal pens. Either way, the pros outweigh the cons and I highly recommend!


Take Away

Overall satisfaction was exceedingly high with the multi-colored 14447 Pilot FriXion Erasable Clicker pack. If you write a lot of notes, keep in mind that the ink may not last as long as a normal pen. By producing a quality writing experience that can be erased, the pens do what they claim to do, which is nice when testing out new products.