Rocketbook Fusion Review - Best Overall Smart Notebook

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The Rocketbook Fusion Blends Familiar Simplicity With Helpful Templates and Uplifting Tech

The Rocketbook Fusion goes beyond a perfect solution for notes, and provides extra pages that can be used for other important purposes. The Fusion stays true to the familiar blend of a simple erasable smart notebook with tech that augments your experience instead of detracting from it.

The perfect hybrid planner for notetaking and planning

Seven templates to maximize use.
Extra blank pages to create your own templates
App that archives your notes and just works.

What’s more, this smart notebook takes the experience one step further with several helpful templates to illustrate its true potential, which is only limited by the user. The user can create his or her own templates, and make the Fusion even more helpful.

Rocketbook Fusion Photo
The Fusion is a good choice for a multi-purpose smart notebook.

What’s Different About The Rocketbook Fusion?

The Rocketbook Fusion provides extra template pages that makes the smart notebook even more helpful.  With the ability to easily set up tasks, weekly plans, and monthly schedules, you no longer have to worry about juggling several apps.  

Helpful Templates Provided

Template pages transform this smart notebook into an all-in-one solution for organization.

Below is a list of the template pages provided.

Seven Types Of Pages Provided

  • Task List
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Calendar
  • OKR Goal Template
  • Idea List
  • Blank Dot Grid Pages
  • Blank Lined Pages
The monthly template in the Fusion.
The task list template.
Weekly Template

As you can see, these template pages will cover most of your needs. For a closer look at the templates, visit the Rocketbook site.

These templates allow you to write down everything you need in one place, and simplify your life.

The old approach to taking notes, maintaining organization, and working together is being fundamentally altered as a result of this all-in-one productivity solution.

Write Down What’s Important

As we become more engrossed in phones, apps, and screens, users are waking up to the idea that writing things down can be more effective that looking a screen.

Why try and reinvent the wheel? Rocketbook understands this, but with the Fusion, you blend the old school approach with an erasable all-in-one organizer that can be easily archived with the app. Once again, the tech lifts the product higher instead of bringing it into a tech morass.

Simply by having a place to write down your thoughts, notes, and schedule in one place, you take control of your chaotic environment.  Additionally, by writing down your tasks and your schedule, you prioritize and organize your life. The page templates allow you to focus on the important things without being constantly distracted.

The Fundamentals Of Rocketbook 

The Rocketbook Fusion blends the classic appearance and feel of a notebook with the practicality of digital technology. You are able to scan your handwritten notes into the cloud in real-time using the free Rocketbook software, and you can even email them to yourself. 

Since it is reusable, after you are through writing your notes, you can easily erase them with a damp cloth and begin using the product all over again.


The Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook provides several helpful features that will assist you in staying productive and being organized throughout the day. 

Templates You Can Build From

As mentioned above, the genius of this smart notebook lies in the assortment of template pages. It includes 42 sheets containing 7 different styles of paper. Unlike the more affordable Rocketbooks, which has one type of page, the Rocketbook Fusion provides extra templates so that the notebook is transformed into an all-in-one organizer. 

Rocketbook fusion with 7 templates
The Rocketbook Fusion has 7 page styles to help you stay organized.

Inexpensive and Ubiquitous Pilot Frixion Pens

Rocketbook Fusion is designed to be used with the Pilot Frixion range of color pens and erasable color markers so that you may erase your notes whenever you find it necessary to do so. Unlike expensive tablet pens, these affordable pens can be found at any big box store.

Cloud Storage Compatible

In addition, pages have a unique QR code that enables you to instantly upload your notes to the cloud, share them through email, or use any of a number of other services.

The Rocketbook Fusion is a cutting-edge method for embracing time management and organization in a reusable yet familiar way.

In What Ways Might it Boost Overall Productivity?

If you use Rocketbook Fusion, you’ll never have to worry about taking too many notes or wasting time looking for anything crucial when you need it. This is because neither of those problems will ever arise. 

Your whole collection of notes is securely kept in the cloud, where they are easily accessible from any location. In addition, you may engage in cooperative work with other people by simply and quickly sharing your papers and comments. 

As noted above, you will find that writing things down helps you stay focused. With practice, you will see that a designated location for notes, tasks, goals, and schedule can help you stay organized.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wishes to organize notes, goals, plans, and tasks will find this smart notebook helpful. You can also use the Rocketbook Fusion to collaborate with other people by sharing notes, ideas, and goals.

Therefore, anyone engaged in activities that require notes and organization might like the Rocketbook Fusion, including students, professionals, tutors, entrepreneurs, and business owners. 

Customer Reviews

The whole concept of an eco/environment friendly, RE-USEABLE notebook is just plain awesome! I have tried to switch to my iPad and Apple Pencil for note taking when it first came out, even tried fancy screen protectors with texture to feel more like paper but nothing will ever come close to the “pen to paper” feel to which I love when it comes to taking notes. Not to mention if you need to quickly jot something down, grabbing a pen and paper is much faster then your iPad – unlocking it and opening an app, a new note or notebook/page, etc…


I am a teacher and I am constantly looking for a way to plan lessons, take meeting notes, write down notes on students, and keep a planner going. I’m also a Master’s student so I need a place to take class notes and keep track of assignments. I am really bad at keeping notebooks organized and tend to write down my notes on scraps of paper, random notebooks, and legal pads. I even bought an iPad Pro and tried using various apps to keep myself up to date. The only thing that has kept me on track and up to date on all my assignments has been this book.
Its reusable, easy to erase, easy to use, and easy to keep yourself on track. The pens work well and its mind blowing how the erasing work. One of my favorite things to do is show people how I scan, save, then erase my notes. I’ve recommended this book to about 20 people and counting.


Final Thoughts

The extra templates separate the Rocketbook Fusion from the other smart notebooks.  With seven types of templates, you are guided toward higher levels of organization. As always, you can always fall back on the blank pages you might need for any type of note.  You can quickly scan your handwritten notes to the cloud in real time or even send them as emails, which makes it simpler than ever before to keep track of your responsibilities and commitments. 

Since it is reusable, after you are through writing on it, you can just wipe away your notes with a damp towel and begin the process all over again. Because of this, Rocketbook Fusion is the ideal tool for organizing your thoughts and tasks in a way that eliminates the need to worry about wasting paper or creating clutter.