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Capsule Folio 2.0: Five Benefits Of Using This Rocketbook Cover

The Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover for Rocketbook gives a utility and style boost to several types of Rocketbooks. Smart notebooks are known for being useful, and most reviews all seem to agree that you get out of these tools what you put in to them. In other words, if the user makes the most of the product, they are happy with it. This type of user may get the most out of upgrading the Rocketbook by adding the cover accessory. We will cover some of the greatest benefits, and a few of the downsides to the Capsule 2.0

What Rocketbooks Work With The Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover?
Rocketbook Core
Rocketbook Panda Planner
Rocketbook Fusion
Multi-subject Rocketbook
Rocketbook Academic Planner

Note, the Capsule 2.0 comes in both letter and executive, so make sure you get the right size.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and see what is so special about the Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover. If you enjoy Rocketbooks, and you are looking for an accessory to improve on this product, this cover offers an easy upgrade.

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1. Protect Your Rocketbook

First and foremost, the Capsule 2.0 protects your smart notebook. Putting a flimsy notebook into a bad over and over can result in wear and tear, so if your Rocketbook gets dinged up, this will come in handy.

The design of the cover is meant to contain the Rocketbook even while you take notes, so there is no need to remove it. You benefit from the protection, as well as not having to worry about the hassle of removing it.

Additionally, the magnets will help keep the cover closed, adding a useful touch.

Rocketbook Capsule 2.0 photo of outside
Capsule 2.0 provides solid protection for your Rocketbook.

2. Utility – Added Storage and Write On-The-Go

Carry your Pilot FriXion pen in the holder, and you can even use the left strap to carry your cloth and your some Pilot FriXion fine-point erasable colored pens.

What’s more, you get the benefit of being able to write without having to set it down on a desk. When used as a prop to write on, this cover is perfect someone that needs to take notes on the go.

Capsule 2.0 inside view adds more utility
Inside view of Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover with Rocketbook open and writing on both sides.

3. Professional Look and Feel

In a professional setting, a regular notebook may not give of the vibe you are hoping to create.

This notebook comes in a stylish gray or white cover, adding the benefit of making your Rocketbook look and feel more professional.

Users also appreciate the thin and elegant design, favoring a snug fit over a bulky trapper keeper from the old school days.

Capsule 2.0 cover looks professional
Capsule 2.0 cover adds an element of professionalism to the Rocketbook

4. Environmentally-Conscious Cover

The material of the Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover is a recycled plastic (PET), but the feel is like canvas and ages well over time.

Unlike the Official Folio Cover, this material does not have a thick cardboard feel, and users seem satisfied overall with this material.

The Capsule 2.0 is another addition to a long line of Rocketbook products that make an effort to be earth-friendly.

5. Sturdy Construction Will Last

Like most protective covers, you want the Capsule 2.0 to last as long as the reusable Rocketbook. This is a tall order since these covers can take a beating in a book bag. Not to worry. With an overall rating of 4.6 stars and over 1,500 reviews at the time of writing, it appears the Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover is built for the long term.

Keep in mind, though, that it isn’t bulky. Overall, the cover is lightweight and professional. It appears Rocketbook has succeeded in finding the fine line between solid construction and style.

Video For Rocketbook Capsule 2.0

This video covers some of the highlights of the Capsule 2.0

What Does The Capsule 2.0 Get Wrong?

In short, the Capsule 2.0 doesn’t get a whole lot wrong, but there are some gripes.

First, the pockets don’t seem secure enough to carry anything important like credit cards. Instead, take advantage of the added utility by carrying some extra pens or the cleaning cloth.

Second, the cover can make the Rocketbook difficult to scan. If you have a large scanning session ahead, you might want to take it out of the cover.

Third, when writing, you might run into issues if you write on the left side since the pockets are behind the pages. This means you may want to focus writing on the right side.


I love it! I’ve been wanting to buy this for years and I wish I had bought it sooner!
-I love the concept of having one notebook for all my notetaking needs and the ability of it being saved online.
-I can finally preserve all my notes from previous classes and be able to declutter the countless notebooks I’ve collected over the years.
-Uploading my notes online is seamless and the ability organize them to my needs is very helpful.
-Being left handed, I was excited that I don’t have to worry about the spiral getting in the way of me writing.
-The option of lined and dotted paper is brilliant for different methods of notetaking. I am taking multiple classes and it’s very useful having both options.
-The ease of erasing the page without ruining it is amazing!

This is a no brainer and is a must buy!

Sam M

Below is my assessment.

-Arrived in nice packaging
-Looks sleek and professional
-Lays flat
-Good support to write on if a table is not available
-Slots for cards, beacons, cloth

-Pen strap has excess material that pokes out when pen is inserted.
-Could use more storage for spray bottle or extra pen colors


Summing It All Up

With all the added benefits to covering the Rocketbook with the Capsule 2.0, the cover accessory can really add a lot to an already great product. All in all, it is clear that most users found the pros to outweigh the cons in rating this cover.