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Complete List Of Rocketbooks and Ideal Users

With so many Rocketbooks that can be used in many different ways, it is difficult to know which Rocketbook to purchase. This comprehensive list of Rocketbooks will cover the best uses for each Rocketbook and the ideal user that might benefit from that particular Rocketbook. Before listing all Rocketbooks, we compare the Rocketbook Fusion Plus vs the Rocketbook Fusion.

Top Uses For the Rocketbook
Take notes for any purpose on an erasable surface.
Archive and share notes while using less waste.
Organize short term tasks and to-do to stay focused.
Plan your day, week, or quarter.
Set goals and monitor your progress.

Time to hone in on your perfect Rocketbook. Before getting started, you should know that Rocketbooks can be split into two groups, notetaking and planning. Pay special awareness to whether the Rocketbook is primarily used for notetaking, planning, or, in the case of the Fusion and the Fusion Plus, blending both.

Should I Buy The Rocketbook Fusion Plus Or The Rocketbook Fusion?

The new Rocketbook Fusion Plus is a worthy sequel to the Rocketbook Fusion. Learning from the previous model, the Rocketbook Fusion Plus can take the lessons and subsequent wish list from the Rocketbook Fusion, and make meaningful adjustments that might be worth an upgrade.

Rocketbook Fusion Plus Pros

More useful templates.
More pages.
Swiss Army Knife of Rocketbooks.

Rocketbook Fusion Plus Pros

Best seller.
Tried and true.
Less expensive.

For more information on each Rocketbook, keep reading, and note the page number and template number differences between each model (under the Detail section).

1. Rocketbook Fusion Plus

Used for both planning and notetaking.

The Fusion Plus is the latest Rocketbook, and it makes its debut as an improved version of the Rocketbook Fusion, which already has a loyal following as an all-in-one Rocketbook.

This Rocketbook is like the best-selling Fusion on steroids because you get more pages and more templates. Templates include dashboards, weekly and monthly planners, to-do lists, project management, meeting notes, custom table, lined, dot grid, graph, and blank pages.

Rocketbook Fusion Plus Details

60 pages in total
11 different templates
Planning and task templates
Project manager templates
Meeting notes templates
Letter or Executive Size

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Fusion Plus

The ideal user for the Fusion Plus is anyone that needs an erasable planning and notetaking solution since the it can be adapted and used in many different ways. The reason it sits at the top of the list is because anyone that likes Rocketbooks should be able to make this Rocketbook work for them at home, out and about, in school, or in a professional setting.

2. Rocketbook Fusion

Used for both planning and notetaking.

One of the best selling Rocketbooks is the Rocketbook Fusion because it can double as both a planner and a notetaker. The seven different templates allow people to use a template, or get creative with a blank slate.

The Fusion has positive reviews partly due to its versatility and ease of use. It was the original Jack of All Trades, and it gained a number of loyal followers. To learn more about the Fusion, see the full review.

Rocketbook Fusion Details

7 templates
42 pages
Letter or Executive
Planner and Notetaker

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Fusion

The Rocketbook Fusion is an all-in-one smart notebook, so the ideal user is someone that will use different templates for different purposes. The user is probably busy, so staying focused on tasks and daily goals is important. Additionally, the user might need to take a lot of notes on the lined pages.

3. New Rocketbook Pro

Used for notetaking but page packs can add planning.

The Rocketbook Pro shows what the future of smart notebooks can be. The vegan leather cover is a huge upgrade and this smart notebook can be replenished with six different erasable page packs.

While the Pro comes set up for notetaking, it can easily pivot into a planner if you get some planning page packs.

Also, the smart notebook lays flat at 180 and 360 degrees, so you know design and ease of use was prioritized with this Rocketbook.

Rocketbook Pro Details

Letter or Executive
Vegan leather cover
Replaceable page packs
Embedded NFC hotspot

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Pro

The ideal user for newly released Rocketbook Pro is a professional user that wants the latest stylish design. Users that complain about Rocketbook’s lack of style will enjoy this marked upgrade. The optional page packs allow you to add planning templates and ensure that you can always replenish your Rocketbook Pro.

4. Rocketbook Panda Planner

Used primarily for planning.

The Panda Planner is the first Rocketbook in the list that focuses on planning. It combines an erasable smart notebook with the Panda Planner templates that are backed by scientific research. Plan your day, week, month, task list, monitor goals, and reflect on your time with this planner.

See the full review of the Rocketbook Panda Planner here.

panda planner for rocketbook

Rocketbook Panda Planner Details

Letter or Executive size
Integrates Panda system
Five sections
Tasks, Goals, Planning
Notes section

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Fusion Plus

The ideal user for the Rocketbook Panda Planner is someone that is looking for a planner one might use with a coach. There are areas for goals, reflection, affirmations, and more. A self-starter that is looking to be more productive and held accountable is a good fit for this Rocketbook.

5. Rocketbook Orbit Pad and Page Pack

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Rocketbook Orbit Pad diverges slightly from smart notebooks because it functions more like a reusable legal pad. The durable synthetic board is easier to write on and the pad comes with a pen dock for your Pilot FriXion Pen.

The pad and page pack are sold separately, but the link below bundles the two products.

Rocketbook Orbit Details

Durable and hard surface for writing
Lined/ dot grid
Executive and letter size

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Orbit

The Orbit reusable legal pad might find ideal users in note takers that need a hard surface and need quick access similar to a clipboard or legal pad.

Someone that attends lots of meetings and jots notes often might find the Orbit useful.

Like most Rocketbook products, users give the Orbit excellent reviews and love this product for simplicity and functionality. If you use notecards and checklists, and you have notes everywhere, you might find this reusable legal pad to be very useful.

6. Rocketbook Multi-Subject

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Multi-Subject Rocketbook is similar to the Rocketbook Core, except you get more pages and four page dividers. For more information, check the full review for the Multi-Subject Rocketbook.

multi subject rocketbook with pen holder

Rocketbook Multi-Subject Details

Letter Sized
70 Lined pages
Four movable dividers
Make your own templates if needed.

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Multi-Subject

The ideal user for the Multi-Subject Rocketbook is an avid note taker. This might include high schoolers, undergrads, or grad students. Additionally, if you like to keep your notes present, without erasing and archiving them often, you might need the extra pages provided by this smart notebook.

7. Rocketbook Wave

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Rocketbook Wave adds an element of fun and efficiency by being able to erase the entire notebook in the microwave. Some users say if you write soft, you can microwave it 10 times before ink ghosting appears.

Read this post before putting your Rocketbook in the microwave.

rocketbook wave for microwaving

Rocketbook Wave Details

Clean in microwave
Make your own templates with a Sharpie
Letter or Executive
80 pages

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Wave

The ideal user for the Rocketbook Wave is a heavy notetaker that does not enjoy cleaning pages one at a time with a spray bottle and cloth. By filling up the Wave and archiving the whole thing, the user likes to start fresh with a completely blank notebook, without saving any pages. The user might also like to make templates with a sharpie, where the framing will remain after putting it in the microwave.

8. Rocketbook Core

Used primarily for notetaking.

Staying close to Rocketbook roots is the Rocketbook Core, a no-frills smart notebook that writes clean, erases well, and archives your notes. Choose between dot or lined paper, and start writing. Make templates with a sharpie if you wish, and archive your pages with the free app.

rocketbook core image

Rocketbook Core Details

Dot or lined pages
Lower price
Letter or Executive
Make your own template

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Core

The Rocket Core user could be seen as a self-starter that isn’t looking for bells and whistles, and doesn’t mind creating templates with a sharpie if they are needed. All the functionality is there in this smart notebook, and that is all many people need since smart notebooks are such great products.

9. Rocketbook Teacher Planner

Used primarily for planning.

The Rocketbook Teacher planner is a reusable smart notebook for teachers. Daily, weekly, monthly planning, class rosters, and lesson plan templates are all within this Rocketbook. For more information on the Rocketbook Teacher Planner, consult this full review.

Rocketbook Teacher Planner Details

48 pages
Designed for teachers
Letter size
Planning templates

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Teacher Planner

The Rocketbook Teacher Planner was designed by teachers and made for teachers. The templates help teachers plan, schedule, create rosters, and more. Keep your students up to date by sharing some essential notes from your Rocketbook to an easy place for your students to access them. At the end of the year, erase it and start again fresh!

10. Rocketbook Matrix

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Rocketbook Matrix is a reusable smart notebook made specifically for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The erasable pages are templates of graph paper, so you can draw graphs and record data in an organized and efficient way.

rocketbook matrix image

Rocketbook Matrix Details

0.25 in graph paper
Built in rulers
Letter size
Lined and index page

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Matrix

The Rocketbook Matrix was designed specifically for STEM applications, so the ideal user would be a math, science, or engineering student. Grad students that work in labs would also really appreciate this erasable smart notebook. The user could easily share lab data with a partner that needs help, or share the sketch of the equation from math class.

11. Rocketbook Everyday Planner

Used primarily for planning.

The Rocketbook Everyday Planner is the utility planner for anyone that needs an erasable smart notebook planner. It makes use of 8 templates that include quarterly goals, yearly, monthly, weekly, task list, blank tables, notes, and dot grid. The formula is familiar, and that’s because it works well.

rocketbook everyday planner for a reliable planner

Rocketbook Everyday Planner Details

48 pages
8 templates
Letter and Executive size
Calendar layout pages

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Everyday Planner

Users that like planners for “general use” would feel right at home with the Everyday Planner. These same users will be ecstatic when they can can easily erase pages at the end of a project or year without having to dispose of this smart notebook.

As with most Rocketbooks, the smart notebook is the tool, and the user needs to make the most of it. With good habits of writing down important information within the Rocketbook, you will end up being more efficient and liking the product more.

Why mess with a good thing? The Rocketbook Everyday Planner doesn’t try to revolutionize a planner. Rather, it takes what works and puts it into an erasable, archivable smart notebook.

12. Rocketbook Flip

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Rocketbook Flip adds a small change to the Rocketbook, but significant for some left handed users that don’t like the spiral binding on the side.

One nice iteration with this smart notebook is that the erasable pages are lined on the front, and dot grid on the back. This efficient layout gives you the option to use either type of page. Also, the Flip has blank pages to make use of.

One thing missing from the Rocketbook Flip is a hard cover to write on, but the Rocketbook Capsule 2.0 has your back if you need a more sturdy backing.

Rocketbook Flip Details

Lined and dot grid
Blank pages
Letter and Executive size
Spiral binding on top

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Flip

Left-handers love the Rocketbook Flip! A quick glance at reviews from grateful left-handed people, and you can see this user base has been slighted in many industries.

Right handers might not have the same appreciation for the spiral on top, but all Rocketbook Flip users love the quick access to notes and the combination line and dotted pages.

13. Rocketbook Mini

Used primarily for notetaking.

The Rocketbook Mini is similar to the Rocketbook Flip since the binding is at the top. This is a super-portable erasable smart notebook that needs a small size for carrying in a pocket and taking quick notes.

Rocketbook Mini Details

Dot grid
48 pages
3.5 x 5.5 in
Fast access

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Mini

The Rocketbook Mini’s small size means it is perfect for users that need fast access to notes and place a high priority on small storage spaces like small pockets.

The smart notebook is only 2.5 x 5.5 inches, so the segment of users that need a small reusable notebook will love this niche product.

14. Rocketbook Academic Planner

Used primarily for planning.

The Rocketbook Academic Planner is loaded with 13 templates that students will love. Not only do you get usual planning and scheduling pages in year, month, and week pages, but you also some other great templates, like the projects, class schedules, and prioritization template to keep you focused.

rocketbook academic planner photo

Rocketbook Academic Planner Details

13 templates
48 pages
Letter size
Sync notes to cloud

Ideal Users For Rocketbook Academic Planner

The Academic Planner was created for students and teachers alike, but with the creation of the Teacher Planner, the ideal user could be seen as students in high school, undergrads, and grad students. Additionally, this could also be used by anyone at higher levels within a university setting.

The extra templates make the Academic Planner a versatile planner that could be used by teachers and students at all levels of academia.