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Does Rocketbook Have OCR (Optical Character Recognition) With Scanning?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the ability of programs to turn your hand-written text notes into typed notes that are readable and editable within a document. If your handwriting is legible (and not in cursive), users really appreciate this functionality within the free Rocketbook app.

Possible Uses of OCR
Share typed meeting notes with attendees after attending meeting with Rocketbook.
Send hand-written brainstorming sheets to a document.
Create an outline of a google document within your Rocketbook.

Bridging hand-written notes with formally typed documents is one way Rocketbook is such a great tool.

capsule 2.0 folio cover for rocketbook
Cover your Rocketbook with the Capsule 2.0.

How To Use OCR With Rocketbook

All Rocketbooks have the ability to use OCR within the free app for iOS and the Rocketbook app for Android.

After you purchase your Rocketbook, download the app and go through the setup. After you are set up, you can turn on OCR for each document when you choose Destinations and enabling OCR for that icon destination. For example, let’s say you want the notes to be transcribed into your gmail.

Connect your gmail to a destination (like the diamond icon). Then click destinations, diamond, and enable OCR transriptions.

Add Title To Your Scan With Smart Titles

To name your notes so the title appears in the list of scans, enable this function within the app.

Go to Settings > OCR > Smart Titles ON

To title your notes, sandwich the title between double hashtags like this: ##Awesome Title##

Now, when you scan your page of notes, it will appear within the app with the title, “Awesome Title.”

Search Your Notes With Smart Search

If your notes have been transcribed with OCR, you can search for your notes based on the words that you used. To enable this function, you must approve it in the settings.

Go to Settings > OCR > Smart Search ON

To search for a note within the app, go to the History section, tap the magnifying glass for search, and type a word that appears in the note. If you wrote legibly, the app will pull up the note you are looking for.

Make A Smart List

You can also sync the list in the front of your Rocketbook Fusion with the app and create a smart list. After you write your to do items, scan it into the app, and pick the list you want to add the items to. You can also make a new with the new items.

All Rocketbooks have OCR option within the free app.

Drawbacks of OCR For Rocketbook

Notes need to be clearly written and not in cursive.
Notes can’t be drawings or graphs.
Not for use with templates found in planners and Fusion.
Transcription requires a scanned copy to be stored on Rocketbook servers.

Wrapping It All Up

Rocketbook creates loyal fans as a result of delivering useful products that bridge hand-written notes with the modern tech age. OCR is one important feature that enables this transition to occur, and Rocketbook fans continue to use these tools in more creative and productive ways as the technology continues to improve.