blinking led dummy car alarm

Fake Car Alarm Flashing LED For Theft Deterrent

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Having a fake car alarm light can be a great way to dissuade would-be thieves from breaking into your car. If they see that your car is equipped with an blue LED light that flashes, they may think twice about trying to break in. Best of all, you can get these lights for relatively cheap and they’re easy to install. So if you’re looking for a simple way to help prevent a break-in, consider getting a fake car alarm light.

This small LED blinks blue like a car alarm and could provide a visual deterrent for a would-be thief.

Affordable Theft Prevention For Your Car

If you are looking for a simple visual deterrent, a cheap, blinking LED might be an easy way to boost your car’s security. The reason is simple: it might make your car a less-attractive target vs any car that does not have a blinking LED that appears to be a car alarm. To be clear, this will not save your belongings if a thief decides to break in. But, it might convince a person just enough to prevent an attempt at breaking into your car.

Features Of LED Dummy Car Alarm

The blinking LED flashes a blue light intermittently, and is easy to see from outside the car at night. There is both a solar charger on the gadget, as well as a USB charger. There is a tiny on/ off switch, as well. It was fairly easy to figure out, and the charge definitely lasted at least one day. More about charge time and storage in installation of your LED below. Since the LED has solar power, it might be fine on your dash or behind your rearview mirror at all times.

Installation Of LED

The adhesive on the back isn’t great, but what we found this to be a benefit. While many people would prefer to stick it on the dash or behind the rearview mirror and forget it, we’ve found that isn’t the best practice with some of these cheap tech gadgets. Instead, it can be stored in the console or in a cup holder while you are driving. If you have a spare USB cable, you can charge it so it has a bright, blue light by the time you get out for the day. Then, before you get out of your car, unplug it, and place it on the dash for the night. It certainly has enough charge to last the night if you use it like this.

Temporary location of blinking LED on a dashboard of an SUV. It can be charged in a cup holder while you drive.

Of course, if you feel like that is too much, you can simply leave it stuck one position at all times, and hope the solar charging works. The other down side to this is that the fake LED car alarm light might become damaged during the day if your dash bakes in the hot sun. Since it is an inexpensive gadget, you might just want to let it ride, and see how long it lasts…it is totally up to you.


We hope you enjoyed this review of the fake LED car alarm gadget. At an inexpensive price, it is worth considering as a cheap way to deter robbers.