rocketbook fine-point pens or felt tip markers

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Felt Tip Markers vs Fine Point Pens – Which Pens Work Better On Rocketbook?

Looking at the top two colored pen packs for Rocketbook, there is an option between multi-color, felt tip markers and multi-color fine point pens. Each type of pen seems to do well on the Rocketbook, but which type should you choose if you are only buying one? Each one has strengths and weaknesses, so the best choice comes down to the particular notetaking job that needs to be done.

Benefits Of Adding Colors To Your Rocketbook Notes
Organize content by colors.
Easier to study, review, and remember with color-coded system.
Make notes aesthetically pleasing.

Creating color-coded notes is a great way to extend the Rocketbook smart notebook into an even greater product. Let’s look at the different cases that each type of color pen might be used for.

Colored Fine Point Pilot FriXion 14447 Erasable Clicker

The Pilot FriXion fine point colored pens excel if you take a lot of notes and you just want to add some color. If Rocketbook is primarily used as a notetaking tool, you might want to keep a consistent writing experience as you switch to colors from regular pens. Rocketbook serves most users primarily as a note taking tool, so the pens that excel the most in this function are the ones that behave like the native Pilot FriXion Pens.

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multi-colored pilot frixion pens

Colored Fine Point Pilot FriXion Details

All colors are readable.
Gel pen and not ink.
0.7 mm
Write smooth.
Erase clean.

Best Uses For Fine Point Colored Pens

These pens will give you a multi-colored note-taking experience that is similar the default pen that comes with the Rocketbook. You can easily transition between colors, and they will not bleed if you give the ink a chance to dry. These pens are also great for making notes in books for studying.

Multi-Colored Felt Tip Markers

Felt tip markers come to the rescue where the fine point colors fail. People using these markers like the wide tip and the broad, clean strokes that add more color to your Rocketbook.

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felt tip multi-colored erasable markers

Felt Tip Marker Color Pack Details

Wider tip than fine point pens.
Great highlighters for Rocketbook.
Good for drawing graphs and lines.

Best Uses For Multi-Colored Felt Tip Markers

The top uses for these colored markers are highlighting notes, underlining, and uses that require a wider tip. Your Rocketbook notes will receive a thick-lined color boost. If you are drawing graphs, making sketches, or brainstorming by drawing, they might come in handy. Many people use them beyond the Rocketbook to highlight texts, make marks for sewing (which erase after you iron them), and grade papers.

Pros Of Both Pen Packs

Adding color to your smart notebook is a great way to boost your Rocketbook experience. Your notes will be easier to read, and you will enjoy the notetaking process a little more.

Most users report that erasing the pens is not a problem.

Cons Of Both Pen Packs

In both cases, users noticed that the ink runs out a little faster than a normal pen. This can be frustrating since the price of both packs is slightly higher than a normal pen, so one would hope it would last at least as long as the normal pen. But the experience is

Final Verdict Goes To The Fine Point Clicker

In the end, if you want to match the consistent notetaking experience with a normal fine point pen, then go with the 14447 multi-colored fine point clicker by Pilot FriXion. The fine points don’t leave pen ghosting, and the colors erase easily.

The felt tip markers seem to excel in highlighting and applications that require fatter lines, like graphing or sketching. People that went with the wide tip are very happy, but keep in mind, with a larger stroke, it might take more effort to erase a mistake.