Rocketbook Multi-Subject with Pen Holder

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How Good Is The Rocketbook Multi-Subject For School?

The best Rocketbook for school has to be the multi-subject Rocketbook with pencil holder accessory. Not only is there plenty of space to take notes, it is easy to use the dividers so you stay organized with several classes.

The growth of Rocketbook over the years speaks for itself.  At 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 1,500 reviews, it is easy to see that users love being able to write notes and collect thoughts in one place.  See for yourself.

The perfect smart notebook for avid notetakers

Four dividers to section off your notes.
Ample number pages to store your notes.
Provides extra pages to create templates with a sharpie, if desired.

Users are hooked on this method of note taking and organization. Your ideas will be much easier to arrange thanks to the dividers, and the lined pages will make this the ideal notebook for taking notes at work or school.

multi subject rocketbook with pen holder
The multi-subject with pen holder is a fine choice for the avid notetaker.

Multi-Subject Rocketbook Additions

Rocketbooks, in general, excel in the area of notetaking.  This smart notebook takes this premise, and gives you more of a good thing.  

More Pages

This smart notebook comes with 70 erasable pages, which is many more than the standard Rocketbook.  Maybe you have several pages of notes that are essential, so can’t erase them. Maybe you want to use a sharpie to create some different page templates for this smart notebook.  This solves the problem of running out of pages or worrying about conserving pages. 

Create Template Pages

With the extra pages provided, extend the multi-subject Rocketbook by making template pages.  Since this smart notebook only comes with one type of page (dotted or lined), you can use a sharpie to make a frequently used to-do list, or a daily schedule.  The content within the template can be erased, but the sharpie outline will remain on the page.  This will transform your Rocketbook into an all in one tool.

Four Dividers

The multi-subject Rocketbook also provides 4 moveable dividers. Maybe you want to divide your Rocketbook into sections, classes, or projects.  

Pen Holder Accessory

As with all Rocketbooks, the pen holder accessory is an easy way to upgrade your smart notebook. Especially if you attend several classes with this smart notebook, you don’t want to be in the middle of a lecture looking for a pen. You won’t lose the Frixion Pen with this accessory, which is always nice.

Why Is The Multi-Subject Product More Expensive?

The extra price really comes down to the extra pages and moveable dividers.  The extra pages make the Mult-Subject a good choice for anyone that takes lots of notes, and might want to extend the smart notebook into an all-in-one organizer with page templates, as discussed above.  Furthermore, the pen holder accessory tacks on a little extra.  But in the end, the extra cost might be worth it if you lose pens or you don’t want the headache of looking for the Pilot Frixion Pen. 

Compare the price to a Microsoft Surface Pro or an Apple iPad (or any other tech device used for notes), and the price isn’t too bad.

Rocketbook Basics

When you use Rocketbook, you will never have to worry about throwing away unnecessary pieces of paper again. You can store your notes in the cloud and access them from any device.  You are able to delete your notes and reuse the notebook indefinitely, which ensures that you will never be without paper at a time when you really need it the most. 

In addition, since it is bound like a conventional notebook, writing in it seems very natural. The pages feel nice by the touch, and are a pleasure to write on.  

The Significance of Using a Pilot Frixion Pen

This smart notebook from Rocketbook that comes with one Pilot Frixion Pen that can be easily stored in the pen holder accessory.  By sticking the holder to your smart notebook, you will always have the required Pilot Frixion Pen.  

Nonetheless, the nice thing about the Pilot Frixion Pen is that they are easy to buy online or in stores, and they are inexpensive. This multi-color Frixion Pen package can really boost your notes to the next level.

The Pilot Frixion Pen involves the production of a one-of-a-kind thermo-sensitive ink that can be wiped off the page by simply rubbing it with the microfiber cloth that comes packaged with the pen. 

Because of this, you will no longer need to be concerned about smeared writing and will not need to bring an eraser with you everywhere you go. What’s more, the ink will not bleed through the pages, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your notes will retain their crispness and clarity.

The downside of this ink is that it will disappear in extreme heat.  Try not to leave your notes in a super hot car, or always remember to archive them if they are important.

Benefits of Using a Multi-Subject Rocketbook

Rocketbook smart notebooks are not only tiny and lightweight, they solve several note taking problems.

  • No Worries About Conserving Pages
  • Single Place For Writing
  • Reusable Pages
  • Archivable Notes
  • Shareable Notes
  • Erasable Pages
  • Pleasure to Write On
  • Inexpensive vs A Tablet Or Phone Solution

Cons of Using a Multi-Subject Rocketbook

Some drawbacks of the Rocketbook are listed below.

  • Must Create A New Habit
  • Ink Will Disappear If It Gets Too Hot
  • Must Create Template Pages Yourself

Customer Reviews

Rocketbooks are awesome! I liked the idea of multiple subjects so I bought another one, and I noticed a few things about this compared to my older ones.
First, the QR code thing at the bottom is smaller. If you have the older versions it is probably 1/4th the side, which is awesome.
Second, I do miss the back of the cover where I could write my codes for where I programmed the app to send my scans.
Third, I originally go the dots, and was not able to really write straight, so the lined is much better for me.
I was unsure, but now I love them.


I have been looking for a way to save paper. I take a lot of notes at work that I then throw in the recycling but wanted something more eco friendly. I tried a tablet but that’s not eco friendly and way too expensive, plus I like the fee of writing on paper. This has been the perfect solution for me! Only downside is the mess with erasing and the need to purchase special pens. I’m still adding to waste with the pens.



You need to go no farther than Rocketbook if you are in need of a method that is both effective and fashionable for taking notes. This is the best method to keep yourself organized and ensure that you will never be without paper again.