edit rocketbook scan in google docs

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How To Edit Hand Written Notes In Google Docs After Scanning With Rocketbook

Rocketbook has OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and taking advantage of this feature allows you to edit your hand written notes with Google Docs or another word processor program. Everyone knows how to scan a note with the Rocketbook app. But, how do you edit the notes in Google Docs once you sent them to a cloud storage service? This post will walk you through the short process.

Benefits Of Enabling OCR
Archive a typed copy of notes to share.
Send typed notes to meeting attendees.
Store documents instead of photos or pdfs
multi-colored pilot frixion pens
Add some color to your Rocketbook notes.

Rocketbook makes it easy to create and edit your notes in Google docs. Follow the three steps below to take advantage of this great feature.

1. Enable OCR In Destination

First, you need to open the Rocketbook app and click on a destination. This process was tested with Google Drive as a destination. When you enable OCR for Google Drive as a destination, you have the option of sending as one file or sending as two files. Select Send as Two Files. This will send a PDF and a Google Doc of your notes to your Google Drive.

Note, when setting up Google Drive as a destination, you can create a folder named “Rocketbook” so all your scans go in the Rocketbook folder.

2. Scan Your Notes

Second, go ahead and scan your page of notes, and send it to the Google Drive destination. You could scan your notes from your multi-subject Rocketbook.

If you want the scan to be titled anything specific, you can use smart titles for your notes. By sandwiching your hand-written title between two hash tags, like ##Great Title##, your scan will be titled “Great Title.”

3. Open Google Drive

Third, open Google Drive and the folder you send your scans to. You will see two files of your scan if you followed step 1. Right click the doc file, and pick Open With > Google Docs.

Right click the doc copy of your scan in Google Docs, and Open With Google Docs.

Wrap It Up

Congraulations! You are now editing your hand-written notes from Rocketbook in Google Docs!