put rocketbook wave in microwave

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Read This Before Putting Your Rocketbook In The Microwave

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to erase your Rocketbook Wave? If so, putting it in the microwave with a cup of water on top of the circle graphic may be a perfect solution. If you take a ton of notes, and you don’t want to erase the pages one at a time, you may want to check the Rocketbook Wave (see here).

Should I put my Rocketbook in the microwave?

Do you own a Rocketbook Wave?
Have you archived all pages you want to keep?
Have you removed the Rocketbook from its cover?
Do you want to fill up the book to completion so the front pages last longer?

With the Wave, you can kiss the old, damp cloth used with the other Rocketbooks goodbye. But before you do that, there are some important things to know.

Do You Own A Rocketbook Wave?

First of all, is your Rocketbook actually a Rocketbook Wave? Rocketbook has tons of different smart notebooks, like the most versatile smart notebook, the Rocketbook Fusion. To safely clean your smart notebook in the microwave, ensure you have a Rocketbook Wave by the circle graphic on the cover.

rocketbook wave image with circle graphic
Only a Rocketbook Wave has a circle graphic on the cover for the mug of hot liquid.

Keep in mind, all the products under Rocketbook recommend using the Pilot Frixion Pen, which has ink that will disappear above 140F or 60C. Therefore, it’s tempting to put any Rocketbook in the microwave to erase the pages. However, only the Rocketbook Wave is sold for microwaving.

Preparation For Microwaving A Rocketbook

First and foremost, if your Rocketbook is protected by a cover like the Capsule 2.0 folio, remove it because the cover can’t be microwaved. Verify you have archived all the pages you want to keep. Microwaving a Rocketbook Wave will clean all the pages. If you want to keep a few pages, this method is not for you. Also note, the product says it will last at least 5 microwaves. That is a modest number compared to the number of times users have reported (10-15). Over time, the Pilot Frixion Pen will leave indentations, or ghosting marks. So, if you want to preserve it longer, fill up more of the pages before each microwaving so that the pages in the front last longer.

Microwave Instructions

Check the instructions below to clear your Rocketbook Wave in the microwave.

1. Get A Mug Of Water

To clean your Rocketbook Wave, get a mug 3/4 full of water and place it in in the circle graphic on cover of the Rocketbook Wave. The instructions recommend a mug 3/4 full, while some users have used a dish of water. If you want to heat up a cup of tea, you could kill two birds with one stone.

2. How Long Do You Microwave A Rocketbook Wave?

The amount of time required in the microwave can vary. The instructions from the Rocketbook site do not give a specific time on how long you should microwave your Rocketbook, probably due to the large variation in microwaves. Some users have reported a time of 2-3 minutes, while others have used 6 minutes.

3. Monitor The Logo On Front

Instead of relying on time, you need to check the logo on the front cover about every 30 seconds. Stop the microwave when the logo on the cover turns from dark to light.

Flip the book over, and monitor the logo on the back in the same way. Once it is done, let it cool.

After you have done it once or twice, you know the time your microwave requires to clear all the pages. That way, you don’t need to monitor it as closely in the future.

4. What If My Microwave Is Too Small To Rotate?

Some users report that the Rocketbook Wave is too large to rotate in the microwave. They also report flipping it in 30 second intervals worked fine without the rotation, so in most cases, if you rotate it yourself, you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Users love Rocketbook products, and this is no exception. By cleaning it in the microwave, you save time and the hassle of using a damp cloth. However, you need to monitor it while you are microwaving, and keep in mind, it will erase the entire notebook.