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Rocketbook Capsule 2.0 vs. Rocketbook Folio Cover – Which Cover Is Better?

As Rocketbook accessories hit the market, Rocketbook covers continue to go through iterations as improvements are being made. This post covers the two most popular covers on Amazon, the newer Capsule 2.0 Folio Cover and the older Official Folio Cover for Rocketbook. As you will see, the covers have evolved, as the Capusle 2.0 is the more recent cover accessory. The Offical Folio has a slightly more professional look, but the material might be a turn off. Keep reading for more specific details about each Rocketbook cover.

Why Should I Cover My Rocketbook?
Protect your smart notebook so it lasts longer.
Give your Rocketbook a much-needed upgrade in style.
Hold your Pilot FriXion Pen in the cover so you don’t lose it.
Write in your Rocketbook while standing.

A cover accessory makes your Rocketbook smart notebook even better.

Spoiler – The Capsule 2.0 Is Better

In order to save our dear reader’s time, we’ll spoil the result in the beginning. After weighing the pros and cons, it appears the Capsule 2.0 Cover is the better choice.

This result is no surprise considering the Capsule 2.0 is a more recent iteration of an accessory cover by Rocketbook. It appears Rocketbook has listened to some of the criticisms of the Official Rocket Folio Cover, and tried to produce a better cover in the Capsule 2.o Folio cover.

capsule 2.0 folio cover for rocketbook

Reasons To Buy A Capsule 2.0 Cover

Feel and finish of PET earth friendly material is better.
Pen and cloth holder.
Snug and lightweight.
Protect your Rocketbook.

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official folio cover

Reasons To Buy The Folio Cover

Prefer look of faux leather.
Don’t mind feel of cover material.
Lower price than Capsule 2.0.

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Similar Covers, But Cover Material Separates the Two

The largest difference between the older Folio Cover and the Capsule 2.0 is the material. The first version of the Official Rocketbook Folio Cover had positive reviews, but the largest gripe was the feel of the material. In fact, some reviewers thought the earth-friendly material felt like cardboard in the Official Folio Cover.

Rocketbook Capsule 2.0 photo of outside
Capsule 2.0 PET material looks and feels and is made of recycled material.
Folio Cover With Kraft Paper Material
The Folio Cover is constructed from durable Kraft Paper.

When producing the Capsule 2.0, it appears Rocketbook listened to the reviews, and used a recycled PET for the cover, which has better feel and finish. While some users might like the look of the faux leather in the original Folio Cover, the the complaints about the material largely subsided when Rocketbook made the switch to the PET material.

Both Covers Get Some Things Right

Without a doubt, both covers provide added protection to your Rocketbook, which will keep your notes more safe and increase the life of your Rocketbook.

Both covers certainly give a stylish upgrade to a plain Rocketbook. In this way, you can look and feel your best with your Rocketbook.

Both Covers Get Some Things Wrong

The snug fit of both covers means you sacrifice storage space within each cover. If you like to take notes with several multi-colored fine point FriXion Pens, you won’t be able to store them easily.

Some reviewers didn’t like the slots on the left. They view Rocketbook as an innovator, and found the card slots to be old-fashioned. Nonetheless, you could store some Rocketbook Cloud Cards in there if you wanted to use them to store reusable notes.

Summing It All Up

Rocketbook’s smart notebooks have changed the note-taking game by bringing an older method of notetaking into the modern age with a free app and erasable pages. The Rocketbook covers have not been perfect, but overall, they both have received positive reviews. Similar to how Rocketbook continues to innovate, the Capsule 2.0 can be seen as the improved version of the Official Folio Cover.

Rocketbook users may want to stick with the Official Folio Cover if they prefer the look of the cover (if they find it more professional looking), or if they prefer the lower price.

Either way, most users seem satisfied, but a slight edge winning edge goes to the Capsule 2.0 because the material is an improvement compared to the Folio Cover.