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Official Folio Cover Accessory Pros and Cons For the Rocketbook

The Official Rocketbook Smart Notebook Folio Cover may be a great accessory for anyone looking to upgrade a Rocketbook. If you already enjoy the technological breakthroughs of Rocketbook, and place a high value on ease, this accessory makes Rocketbook even better.

You will find some reasons why the Rocketbook Folio cover didn’t meet some of the high expectations set for Rocketbook (see table of contents to skip to the cons section).

Adding Much-Needed Style and Yet More Utility
Enormous boost in style and design
More pockets give the Rocketbook more utility
No more battles with the flimsy cover

This smart notebook cover was designed to be used in combination with Rocketbook notebooks in order to bestow upon customers an unrivaled hybrid paper-digital writing experience. Keep in mind there is also the Capsule 2.0 folio cover to consider, as well.

Whether you are at home with your Rocketbook Fusion or managing all aspects of your life with the Rocketbook Panda Planner, if you want to stay more organized, covering your Rocketbook can help.  Users have grown to love Rocketbook’s products, and this accessory is no different with over 3,400 reviews averaging a rating of 4.5 stars.

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Four Reasons To Cover Your Rocketbook

If you want to learn more about how the intelligent notetaking solutions provided by Rocketbook might be the improved upon, see the four reasons below. 

1. The Cover Is Easy To Use and Doesn’t Get In The Way

First and foremost, let’s talk about the folio’s ease of use.  If you are always on the go with your Rocketbook Fusion, you can take while standing thanks to the cover’s additional support. With this accessory, you don’t need to take the smart notebook out of its cover in order to take notes or scan notes straight into the Rocketbook app thanks to the Rocketbook Smart Notebook Folio’s sophisticated and fashionable design.

This enables you to maintain a clean workstation while also guaranteeing that all of your notes are securely saved away in the cloud. 

The Folio Cover fits snug to the Fusion and the Core. Be sure to get the correct size. It comes in Letter and Executive

2. Protection For The Infamously Flimsy Cover

Second, let’s talk about protection.  One of the common complaints about the Rocketbook is the flimsy covers.  This folio accessory cover also protects against messes, grime, and ordinary wear & tear that might occur over time.  

3. Added Utility To Rocketbook

Several horizontal and vertical pockets within this cover.

Third, this will take your organization to the next level.  In the beginning, you had the Rocketbook to organize your thoughts and plans.  Now, with the smart notebook folio cover, you can organize the items you carry along with you.  It really is a match made in heaven.

The internal pockets are intended for the simple storage of writing utensils, business cards, and other goods, making it an item that is absolute need for maintaining organization when traveling.

Now you won’t lose your Pilot FriXion, because you can store it within the cover.

4. Level Up Your Style

The cover easily transitions your plain smart notebook into a professional notebook of style and functionality.

The fourth reason to consider is style.  Due to the wonderful design, it catapults the look and design of your plain notebook into a modern, stylish tool.  With Rocketbook, you already had the utility of a great notetaking tool. The official folio cover brings the style, making it even more of a pleasure to use.

As a Rocketbook user, you probably already love smart notebooks.  This cover is a perfect choice to augment an already fantastic product. It really is a remarkable addition to any office because of its sleek appearance and cutting-edge functions, which are described above.

Three Cons of the Rocketbook Folio Cover

Overall satisfaction was high, but some of greatest issues with the cover are listed below. Some of the cons like the feel of the material have been addressed by the Capsule 2.0 Rocketbook cover.

1. Feel of Material Is Not Quality (Subjective)

Many reviewers did not have a problem with the earth-friendly material of the Folio cover. However, some reviewers did not like the feel of the material, and thought it felt similar to cardboard. This is a subjective call, and depends on what you were expecting. If you were expecting leather, you might be disappointed.

2. Pen Slot Bulge, and No Slot For Extra Pens

Next, some people took issue with the fit of the pen, and how it can bulge the notebook. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if there was more than one pen slot.

3. Not a Great Place For Cloth

Third, one could take issue with the idea that there isn’t a great place for the cloth that is required to travel with the notebook. In this day, cards are not of much use, and they provide a spot for those. For the Rocketbook, a cloth is almost required, so it should have a good spot to store it.

Rocketbook Folio Cover Details

The Rocketbook Smart Notebook Folio Cover comes in a variety of colors, allowing it to complement the appearance of any professional setting. 

The two options are Mars Sand Tan and Dark Matter Black.  No matter which color you choose, the cover features a magnetic clasp to keep them securely closed with an interior pocket and multiple card slots to store all your mission-critical supplies. 

The Folio Cover also comes in letter or executive size, so be sure to order the right one.  The executive is the smaller Rocketbook, while the letter size is the smart notebook that resembles a sheet of regular-sized letter paper.

The cover is also made to measure so that your Rocketbook is easily removable while also being snugly secure.

With its slim design and lightweight material, it’s a nice fit for those who want something low profile when traveling with their notebook or carrying it around on their daily errands.

Earth- Conscious Material Suited For Modern Life

The accessory cover uses an earth-friendly leather alternative, which is crafted from 100% recyclable and biodegradable Kraft paper.  The biodegradable natural fiber weighs less than most leather covers, yet boasts high tear resistance at the same time.

The blend of leather alternative used for these covers not only makes them durable but also gives them a unique “worn” look over time that looks great even as it ages. 

With its impressive protective qualities and sleek design, the Rocketbook Folio Cover simplifies the task of keeping your journal safe from wear and tear while still looking stylish.

The cover is versatile enough to fit both the Fusion and Rocketbook Panda Planner notebooks, as well as various other brands of journals making it a great option for anyone who wants to make sure their notebook stays in good condition no matter where it goes. 

Benefits of Using the Rocketbook Smart Notebook Folio Cover

Notes may be scanned and stored without any difficulty.
The highest level of defense against messes, grime, and everyday wear and tear.
Available in darker hues to complement any attire.
It is an attractive addition to any working environment due to its sophisticated design and cutting-edge functionality.
The inside has pockets that provide handy storage for a variety of goods, including writing implements, business cards, and more.
Experience the thrill of a genuinely mixed paper-digital workflow now.
This is a fantastic technique to keep yourself organized and on top of your responsibilities!


Nice and really makes the rocketbook look and feel more professional for my husband who is in sales. It was a little more recycled and corrugated cardboard feeling than expected, but again nice for what it is and the price. Would be nice if it was a little sturdier to write when holding and not necessarily on a hard surface.
This is very well made and won’t tear or bend easy if you have a lot of books in your backpack. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a little bigger than the Rocketbook itself. It’s a personal preference completely but I like writing when my notebook is folded and made to have one sheet of paper open. This being so solid I can’t fold it back comfortably without having to take out my book and doing so.
Josh D

The Best Part About the Rocketbook Folio Cover? 

It is hard to pick just one reason!  You are able to level up an already great product in both utility and style, and maintain Rocketbook’s commitment to sustainability.  Not only will you be protecting the environment by opting out of leather options, but you’ll also be doing so without sacrificing style or quality, as these covers are built with durability in mind.