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The Teacher’s Secret Weapon: How The Rocketbook Teacher Planner Can Transform Your Classroom

Teachers are always looking for a better ways to save time, organize your classroom, and increase student engagement. Rocketbook created this planner for teachers, and this cutting-edge tool takes all the pain out of lesson plans and streamlines classroom management with its digital integration.

The Planner Made For Teachers

Sync notes and easily share with students.
Extra pages for planning and notes.
Free app integration for archiving that won’t become a hassle.

This simple yet powerful smart notebook planner can help teachers across all grade levels maximize their effectiveness, while helping students stay ahead of deadlines and assignments. With Rocketbook’s Teacher Planner in your hands, we think you’ll see tangible improvements in student learning outcomes – it really is like a teacher’s secret weapon for success.

rocketbook teacher planner
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Introducing Rocketbook Reusable Teacher Planner for Teachers

The Rocketbook Teacher Planner is a smart notebook that was designed by teachers and created specifically for teachers. As with all Rocketbooks, writing on the pages is a pleasure with the Pilot Frixion Pen. You can even beautify your notes with some fine-point erasable pens in 15 colors. You can archive the notes into any cloud service, and share the notes easily. Finally, the notes are easily erased with a little water or a damp cloth which is included. This makes it a great option for people who want to avoid wasting paper or for those who like to keep their notes, plans, and schedules organized in one place. This is a great way to avoid having to carry around a lot of notebooks or papers, and it also makes it easy to share notes with others.

Get Organized With 8 Page Templates

The templates within the Rocketbook Academic Planner were included with teachers in mind. With 48 pages provided, all the templates listed below will help teachers stay organized.

  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Half-year Planner
  • Class Schedule
  • Lesson Plans
  • Class Roster
  • Meeting Notes
  • Course Notes
teacher planner academic year template
Snapshot of academic year template.
teacher planner lesson plan template
Lesson plan templates for the teacher planner.

The Rocketbook Teacher Planner provides 8 templates, but should you need another template, you could always create one with a sharpie pen. By customizing the page template in this way, you are only limited by your own imagination as to what you will create to meet your own teaching needs.

The Rocketbook App Will Take Your Plans To The Next Level

The Rocketbook App is a great way to archive your plans for next year and share them with your students. With the app, you can easily create a digital version of your plans that can be accessed from any device. You can also share your plans with your students by sending them a link to the notes. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to projects, schedules, and notes.

The Teacher Planner Smart Notebook Becomes An All In One For Teachers

As teachers probably know, one of the best ways to stay organized is to write things down. This Teacher Planner can accommodate all of your scheduling and note taking needs, becoming the go-to place to stay organized.

Writing down your plans and notes will help you remember tasks and deadlines. You can use this smart notebook when attending meetings, and archive the notes when you need them. When everything is written down in one place, it’s easy to glance at your list and know what you need to do. Using a planner is especially important for teachers. If students are looking for the best Rocketbook for notetaking, check the multi-subject Rocket.

Summing Up

With over 100 ratings at 4.6 stars, you can see teachers are loving this planner. The thought and care that went into the templates shows, since teachers were consulted in the design. With the right mix of old school scheduling and new school app integration, the Rocketbook team constantly delivers believers with this formula.