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Top Generic Remote for Overhead Door Code Dodger

Many common garage door remotes are easily replaceable.  Such is not the case when it comes to replacing or supplementing your collection of Overhead Door remotes with Code Dodger.  This post grew from necessity instead of actual passion for garage door remotes.  There was such confusion surrounding replacing an Overhead Door Remote that this post was written as a general service to anyone trying to replace an Overhead Door Garage Remote with a low-priced, generic alternative.

Code Dodger Models

Not all Overhead Door remotes have Code Dodger technology. This generic remote should work for the following Overhead Door models that have Code Dodger technology.

  • Overhead Door Odyssey 1000 (model# 7030)
  • Odyssey 1200 (model #8030)
  • Destiny 1200 (model # 8030)
  • Destiny 1500 (model # 8060)

Additionally, your Overhead Door needs to be manufactured after 1999.

Note, this remote also works with Genie Intellicode garage door openers.


When first attempting to replace an Overhead Door remote, you might be tempted to purchase a generic remote that works with the most common garage door openers, like Liftmaster or Chamberlain.  You also might be tempted to buy a remote that works with Overhead Door, but does not have Code Dodger. Due to the different types of receivers, this post will only discuss a narrow selection of garage door remotes that should work.

After searching and searching, this remote was the one that worked for our Overhead Door.  


To program your remote, follow the steps you normally follow to program your Overhead Door remote.


Operation of this three button remote works exactly like you would expect an Overhead Door Remote to work. A nice feature of this remote is that a blue light illuminates when the button is depressed.

overhead door remote generic
The Generic Overhead Door Remote was difficult to find, but works well for a low price.


This product was tested and successful at over 100 feet.  In general terms, the button can be depressed about 1 driveway next door to the house.  Any further away, and it isn’t consistent.

Useful Tip

Sometimes, pressing the button for about 1 second, then waiting 1 or 2 seconds to see if the signal was received. 

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