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TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Review

Below is a perfect-five star review on the TP-Link AV2000’s Amazon page. Even if you left this article right now and didn’t read another word, the review should tell you what you need to know about this device.

After spending hours in my attic trying to route a new Ethernet cable to the other end of the house, I found out about these and had a set overnighted.

Unbelievably easy to use and setup. Outlets used were on separate breakers on different ends of the
house. Plugged these in and they worked instantly. I didn’t even have to pair them, but I went ahead
just to be sure. I’m a very technologically inclined person and this was just pure sorcery.

Amazon Review, Jerica

Time to delve into the details of the TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter. What’s good, what’s bad, and whether or not
our readers need one. Let’s dive right into it!

TP-Link AV2000 Pros

  • Consistent data connection
  • Doesn’t hide any plugs
  • Two ethernet ports
  • Offload wifi demand
  • Perfect for streaming movies, TV, youtube, gaming
  • Easy installation

TP-Link AV2000 Cons

  • Range depends on existing wiring
  • Speed depends on existing wiring
  • Advertised gigabit speed is under perfect conditions (you will realistically get much less, but still plenty fast enough to stream).
  • Using outlet for power can drop observed speed.
tp link av2000 powerline adapter
The top choice for ethernet powerline adapters is the TP-Link AV2000. This product enables can free up some wifi bandwidth while you enjoy fast streaming, no buffering, and easy installation.
value tplink powerline adapter check amazon
If you are looking for a low cost powerline adapter, the TP-Link AV600 will get the job done in shorter distances between devices at acceptable speeds.

Powerline Adapters – A Quick Introduction

We’ll be getting stuck into the review shortly, and if you need to, you can skip ahead. But we want to place this section right here so that any reader who’s unsure of the technology or why it’s important can learn a bit about it, and maybe improve their household in the future!

A powerline adapter, in its simplest form, is simply an alternative means of establishing an internet connection in your home or office space. Any devices you have will connect to the powerline adapter using an ethernet cable, and the adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet.

It’s still technically a wired network, but the data signal travels through the existing electrical wiring. If you have devices that aren’t getting a decent wifi signal, powerline adapters might provide a solution for isolated devices like streaming tech, allowing for viewers to enjoy their movies and television shows uninterrupted and without those pesky buffer times. Powerline adapters are powerful because they provide more consistent speeds, reliable connections and uplifted security for the data and media that passes through them.

Powerline adapters come in a pair (at least). You plug one adapter into an electrical socket near your router, with an ethernet cable connecting the router. You take the other adapter, and plug it into the wall near your device that needs internet. You can add more devices with most powerline adapters, including the TP-Link AV2000.

Why do I need a powerline adapter?

These devices are incredibly useful for individuals or families who are big on streaming and gaming. Powerline adapters could be the answer to your prayers in terms of those pesky download/upload speeds, crackled YouTube videos and shaky streams.

We know that Wi-Fi signals dwindle the further away your devices are from the main source. This is another reason we’d recommend something like the AV2000 to any household with several internet devices in fixed locations, like TVs, game systems, and desktops. These gadgets will offload consistent traffic from your wifi and put it through your router with a wired connection.

Check Price for TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter on Amazon.

The TP-Link AV2000 has two ethernet ports, and a pass-though electrical outlet. The green lights on the side indicate that pairing is successful. To connect more powerline adapters, all you need to do is press the pair button on one adapter that is connected to the network, and within 2 minutes, press the pair button on the new device.

A little bit about the device – and myths to debunk!

Clocking in at $99.99, the AV2000 boasts some seriously good value, and packs a punch despite its size. If you’re looking to replicate a strong, reliable internet router’s speed without the hassle or price, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking for a lower cost option, check out this high value powerline adapter by TP-Link.

As for myths, we need to note a little something about powerline adapters, before our readers get excited and make an impulse purchase:
The speeds that companies like TP-Link, Netgear and TrendNet boast are not a reflection of the true speed you’re likely to clock with your adapters. All manufacturers advertise their adapters with the flagship speeds, but those speeds must be under perfect testing conditions.

While you might not reach the advertised speeds, the higher rated devices will give you a faster wired connection vs the lower rated powerline adapters.

Electrical Wiring For Data Isn’t Perfect

Since the device uses your existing electrical wiring, you are basically at the mercy of your existing electrical wiring, for better or worse. One reviewer noted that using the outlet for power caused the speed to drop. Another issue to consider is if your electrical wiring is shared in an apartment complex, you could have more interference. Further, if your electrical is old, it runs through a breaker in a strange way, or if your electrical wiring doesn’t send the data signal well for some unknown reason, you might look for other solutions. These are usually fringe cases, but they do happen according to the reviews.

Simple Installation

We’re looking at an incredibly user-friendly device here. The plug-and-play nature of the TP-Link models means setup is a five-minute task.

Once you’ve opened the box, you’ll want to find your first unit and connect it up. Plug the first unit into an electrical outlet near your home’s router. Connect the adapter to the router with the ethernet chord.

Next, plug the second device into an outlet near a device you want to connect to the internet, like a TV, game system, Roku Ultra, or a PC or iMac. Then run the ethernet cable from the powerline adapter to the device. Something we adored about the AV2000 is the generous cable lengths. You will have absolutely no trouble connecting all of your devices, particularly if you’re looking for a simple, compact setup in
office, lounge, or hard to reach game room in the basement / upstairs.

Finally, use the pair button on each adapter until three lights turn a solid green (predictable, we
know!) and you’re good to go! You have 2 minutes to push the pair button on both devices, so you have plenty of time. The AV2000’s online reviews are literally glittered with people praising the device’s simple setup, but if you have any trouble, TP-Link’s manual is incredibly comprehensive.

How Fast Is The TP-Link AV2000?

This recent model released by TP-Link is shipped with a promise of a maximum 2000mbps speed. Customers replacing their old AV1200 models will enjoy a boost in performance for their home devices: the AV2000 is built with a wider data bandwidth and a more powerful adapter than previous models.

TechAdvisor’s tests for the AV2000 held true: this model boasted the fastest speed of any adapter they had ever tested, clocking in at 117mbps, delivering a 1GB file from one place to the other in very little time. We can trust TechAdvisor on this one. They know their stuff!

Comparatively, Lifewire’s test of the AV2000 sought to double their capacity for streaming and gaming, improving their capacity for media enjoyment at 4K resolution significantly. Lifewire saw a ping speed of less than 10-milliseconds. Very good indeed.

Readers should note the AV2000 would be perfect for streaming devices like the Roku Ultra or Nvidia Shield!


One of our favorite features of the kit is the extra sockets TP-Link provide us with: pass-through sockets allow for extra plugs on each adapter which boosts ease-of-use in your household, saving wall sockets for other devices.

tplinkav2000 ethernet powerline adapter
TP-Link photo with 2 ethernet ports and pass-through power. Also notice, the adjacent plug should still be accessible. Note, if using the other plugs for power, some reviewers noted a decrease in speed.

We’re looking at some pretty hefty Ethernet ports here. The Gigabit ethernet ports on each adapter means you can connect up multiple devices at once if they’re in need of a warm embrace; remember that if you have more than two devices you want to hook up, you can also dive into the world of Ethernet Switches (external attachments that increases the number of ports on your adapters!) but we were fine with just the two.

The TP-Link AV2000 boasts a power-saving mode that, when switched on, can reduce consumption by up to 85%. This is where TP-Link acquire some serious bragging rights, and the feature was incredibly well-timed, given that households are working increasingly hard to cut back on their power usage across the nation.

Final Thoughts

We’re trying our best not to be swayed by the immense number of positive reviews on Amazon for this product, and we aim to provide our own review based on due diligence. With that being said, social proof does not lie. TP-Link have simply succeeded in providing a powerful, flexible device for users to boost their home internet speed, without the hefty price-tag you can run into with other
powerline adapters.

With the generous ethernet cable, the added plug points and immense connection speeds (tried and tested by multiple sources), we can’t really fault the AV2000.

We do see a negative component to the device, however: it hasn’t kept up with the times in terms of design. If you’re really serious about the aesthetic of your home, you’ll want to find a way to hide the device from plain sight (but be careful of fire hazards!) and ensure no cables are tangled. In addition to that, the upward setup of the AV2000 means the ethernet cables often fountain out of the top, and some would say this taints living spaces with quite a forbearing look.

With that said, the bulky design brings incredible accessibility, and we can’t argue with TP-Link as an affordable, reliable
supplier of powerline adapters.

Thanks for reading our review, and we hope to see you in the next one.