add siteground email to gmail app
This video will demonstrate how to add your SiteGround email to your gmail app for free.

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Connect SiteGround Domain email To gmail App For Free

If you have a business email or a website with a custom domain on SiteGround, you can connect that email to your gmail app for free with this step by step tutorial. Follow the video above, or the posted directions below to connect your SiteGround email to the gmail app for free.

One of the benefits of hosting your website with SiteGround is the unlimited email addresses you can create for your website. However, the default way to access the email is from an old webmail interface. If you don’t like using the webmail interface, you can easily connect any email address you create with SiteGround hosting to your personal gmail app.

To accomplish this task, you will need a website hosting package on SiteGround and a gmail account. You can create a WordPress website on SiteGround for a few dollars a month, which will then enable you to take advantage of this tutorial.

1. View eMail Setting in SiteGround Site Tools

Log in to your SiteGround account and view your websites from the websites tab. Go to site tools for the website you want to connect to gmail. From Site Tools, go to your email settings for that website.

You can create a new email with your business domain here, or use an existing email that you may have created. If you don’t know your email’s password, hit the three dots under “Actions” for the email address, and change the password. You will need the password for setting up the gmail connection.

Now that you have the email and password, notice the email configuration settings on the right side. These are the settings you will need to connect gmail (along with the entire email address and password).

email settings in siteground
email configuration settings found in SiteGround’s site tools, under the email tab.

2. Access Settings In gMail App

Log in to your gmail account from a computer so you can access all the settings. Click the gear in the top right, then click All Settings button right below the gear. From the settings window, click the Accounts and Import tab.

gmail settings accounts and import
Accounts and Import tab within gmail settings is where you add your SiteGround email to your gmail account.

3. Add SiteGround email To Send From gmail

Under the “Send Mail As” option, click add another email address. A window opens to add your SiteGround email.

enable gmail to send siteground email
Window for adding additional email to gMail app.

Put in the entire email address into the blank. If you would like to be able to send email from both your regular gmail address, and your business email, keep the alias box checked. More information about alias email.

Next, put in the email’s password, and add the outgoing server, along with the SMTP port listed in the settings listed in Step 1 under SiteGround’s email configuration.

After you add the email address, gmail will send an email to your business email address. You need to go back to SiteGround site tools, email, and under actions, access the email’s webmail interface.

log in to siteground webmail
Log in to your SiteGround email with Log in to Webmail option from site tools.

Once you open your SiteGround email through the webmail interface, access the approval email from gmail, and approve the email sent by gmail by clicking the link.

Once you have confirmed the addition, and your SiteGround email is added to the sending portion of your gmail app, you should be aware of the settings of gmail under the send mail as option. Specifically, note the radio button options for “When Replying To A Message.” You can have the email sent from a specific email each time, or reply as the address that the email was sent to. If you are mixing your work email and your personal email, the option to reply as the address it was sent to is a great option.

Now you can send email from your SiteGround email address within your gmail app.

4. Add SiteGround eMail To Receive In gMail App

Lastly, we need to receive SiteGround email within the gmail app. In the gmail settings, just below the “Send Mail As” setting, you will see the setting “Check Mail From Other Accounts.”

Click add a mail account, and fill out the information within the yellow pop up, just like step 3.

This time, you will have to add entire email, password, the incoming server, and the POP3 information found in the email configuration settings.

enable gmail to receive siteground emails
Notice the port is different for the POP3 server, and the boxes are checked for ease of use within the gMail app.

Personally, I check the options to leave a copy on the SiteGround webmail server, use SSL, and Label the message within the gmail app (so it is easier to see apart from your personal gmail message.

After you add the account, gmail will automatically check email of your SiteGround account. Notice you can also check the SiteGround email manually within this panel of gmail settings, just in case you think there is something not showing up in your gmail inbox.

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