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How To Create A Beautiful Coaching Site In WordPress

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Creating your own coaching landing website is now within the capabilities of most individual coaches.  Coaching website templates are free, and the learning curve to customize the template has come down to accessible levels. In this tutorial, we create a coaching website in WordPress so that you can show off your services to your customers.

Video Tutorial For Creating A Coaching Site

This video tutorial will give you step by step instructions in creating your coaching website.  This is the most efficient way to make your own site with WordPress.

Instructions for a Beautiful Coaching Site

You can follow the step by step instructions in the video, or you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Get Hosting, Install WordPress
  2. Install Theme
  3. Install Plugins
  4. Install Coaching Template Site
  5. Customize Site

1. Get Hosting, Install WordPress

In the first five minutes of the video, you see how to get hosting and install WordPress.  If you need hosting, this site uses and recommends SiteGround. They have amazing chat support (video link at bottom) and enable regular people to run super-fast sites through an easy to understand dashboard. Once you set up hosting and install WordPress on your coaching site, you can begin creating your site.

2. Install WordPress Theme Astra

This process has become so streamlined that this might not be considered a full step! To install the theme, go to your dashboard, and add Astra.

Appearance > Themes > Add New (button at top) > Search for Astra

Install and Activate Astra.

3. Install WordPress Plugins

From the dashboard, click plugins. You will see you have a few plugins already installed. SiteGround Optimizer and SiteGround Security are great, and the SiteGround starter is optional.

Add the Spectra Plugin so you can get a bunch of free templates and Gutenberg blocks added to your page builder.

Plugins > Add New > search for Spectra

Install and activate the Spectra Plugin.

4. Install Coaching Site

This is where the fun really begins! Add a new page to your site.

Pages > Add new

If you start with the Home Page, call it “Home” and click the eyeball next to the title to make it invisible. Next, browse the templates by clicking the template button at the top of the page. You can also search for coaching to filter some of the templates. When you found the page, import it with the button at the bottom.

Install the Services, contact, and about pages for your site in the same way.

To set the Homepage to come up as the Home in your domain, go to the Customizer.

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

From the customizer, click homepage settings at the bottom. Choose static page, and select the page “Home.”

5. Make Changes

After installing your template for your coaching site, you need to change the content in the text boxes to fit your service.  Next, replace the photos with your own photos. Alternatively, you can go to Pexels and get some free photos. You will also need to adjust the header and the footer through the Customizer.

Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer

From the Customizer, you can see the header and footer builder. You can also change the global fonts (Global > Typography) and the colors ( Global > Colors). You template may respond to the changes you make to the global fonts and the colors.

6. Additional Videos

  • Chat Support with SiteGround –
  • Setting Up eMail –