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How To Delete The Astra Theme From Your WordPress Installation

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This video will demonstrate how to delete the Astra Theme from your WordPress installation.

If you need to delete the Astra Theme from your WordPress installation, this post has you covered. There is one simple trick you need to follow before you can delete the Astra theme, and it is covered in the video above, or the post below at step 2.

The steps to deleting the Astra Theme are fairly straight forward. The only issue is doing them in the right order so that you can finally delete the theme.

1. Go To The WordPress Customizer

From the Dashboard of your site, Select Appearance > Themes.

You will see a list of themes you currently have installed on your WordPress site.

2. Activate A New Theme

Before you delete Astra, you need to Activate a new theme. Pick from the themes you currently have installed, or click the Add New button at the top to install a brand new theme from the WordPress repository.

Note, many users leave out this step so this is the simple trick to enable deletion.

Click Activate on a different theme so you can delete Astra.
You Can’t Delete Astra Until You Activate A Different Theme

The largest issue in deleting Astra is that users don’t activate a different theme before attempting to delete it.

If you don’t have any other themes installed other than Astra, you will have to install a new theme before you can delete Astra.

3. Click The Astra Theme Box And Delete

Now that you are running a different theme, you can delete Astra. Click the Astra Theme from the Themes screen, and click Delete in the bottom right corner. This will delete Astra once and for all.

Now the delete option is visible in the bottom right when you view the Astra Theme.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! We hope you found this beginner WordPress tutorial helpful. If you ever need to re-install Astra, see this step by step instructions on how to install Astra.