install astra theme to wordpress

How To Install Astra Theme For WordPress Site In 2023

This video will demonstrate how to install the Astra Theme on your WordPress Site

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This post will demonstrate how to install the Astra Theme to your WordPress site. Astra is one of the most popular themes in WordPress due to its user-friendliness and customizable features. It is a great theme for WordPress users that just want something that works so that they can begin blogging or install a free WordPress template.

To install Astra, follow along with the video above, or follow the step by step instructions below.

Before getting started, this tutorial assumes you have WordPress installed. If you haven’t done that yet, follow these instructions to install WordPress on SiteGround.

Steps To Installing The Astra Theme

Let’s get started by logging in to WordPress. Once you are logged in, you can adjust the WordPress site settings, along with installing the site’s theme and plugins. This has more information about logging into your WordPress site if you need more help.

1. Go To Appearance > Themes

From the Dashboard of your site, Select Appearance > Themes.

From the dashboard, select Appearance, Themes

By selecting Appearance > Themes, you can view all of the current themes that are currently installed on your WordPress site. It should be noted that if you are not running a theme, you can delete it and reinstall it if you want to run it. There are not many good reasons to have multiple themes installed to your WordPress site. To reduce bloat, you may want to delete the themes that you are not using.

2. Click Add New Button

Add New Button allows you to search WordPress repository

Click the “Add New” button at the top of the page, next to the Themes title.

This will allow you to search the WordPress repository for available themes.

3. Search For Astra In Search Box

Next, place you cursor in the search box and search for “Astra.” If your search box looks different than the photo below, it is because my dashboard is created by SiteGround hosting, which provides a cleaner UI. Nonetheless, you can still search for the Astra theme.

You can see Astra Theme as the first result.

The Astra Theme should appear as the first result. Beware of copycat themes that use Astra in the name to appear within the search results for the Astra Theme.

4. Click Install and Activate

Within the Astra Theme box, click the Install Button.

Once it is installed to your WordPress site, you can then click the Activate Button to activate the Astra Theme on your site.

Congrats! You are now running the Astra Theme. If you are just starting out in your WordPress journey, you may want to install a free Gutenberg template that works well with your Astra Theme.

Final Thoughts

The Astra Theme is a popular WordPress theme because it is fast, functional, and easy to customize. Whether you are interested in blogging or launching a small business site, Astra is a great theme to use. The team that created Astra has created many free templates in the Spectra Plugin. The Astra/ Spectra combination covers many of the average WordPress user’s needs.

Another popular theme that stepbystepwp has used is Generate Press. Check it out if you need an alternative.