This step by step video will demonstrate how to install WordPress on SiteGround.

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Install WordPress On SiteGround 2023 Video (Step by Step)

This post will introduce you to installing WordPress on SiteGround by video, followed by step by step directions.

The video uses SiteGround for hosting your WordPress site because it is one of three hosts recommended by The onboarding process only takes a few minutes before you are looking at fresh installation of WordPress on your own domain, such as “”

What’s Included When I Install WordPress On SiteGround?
Site hosting on Google Cloud
Free, unlimited email addresses.
Great chat support.
Free Security and Optimizer Plugin.
One click backups from SiteGround servers.

If you pick the middle hosting package, you also get unlimited WordPress websites and unlimited temporary domains to experiment and sandbox ideas.

Steps To Install WordPress With Video Timestamps

Let’s get started by going to SiteGround and signing up for hosting.

1. Go To SiteGround and Sign Up For A Package – 0:21

All WordPress sites need hosting. A host is a company that stores your WordPress website on their server. In SiteGround’s case, they will host all of your sites for you on Google Cloud, so your site will load fast without sacrificing great customer service with SiteGround.

SiteGround has affordable, quality hosting for your WordPress site.

Pick A Hosting Package

Once you go to SiteGround and pick “WordPress Hosting,” you should see three options like the photo below.

SiteGround Packages For WordPress Hosting
View three options for SiteGround Hosting: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.
Which Hosting Package Is Right For Me?

The largest difference between the packages is how many sites you can host. In the lowest tier, the StartUp, you get one site. If you plan on making more than one site, consider at least the 2nd tier, the GrowBig. If you start out with one, you can easily upgrade if you need to.

Search For Your Domain and Sign Up

Once SiteGround verfies your idea for a domain like “” is available, you can sign up with your credit card. Note, there is at least a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

2. Install WordPress Application – 1:50

After you pay, you will install WordPress. In the video, I install WordPress on a temporary domain with my GrowBig package, but all you need to do is enter the email and password you would like to set for your WordPress site, and then SiteGround will install it for you.

Create Login and Password for your WordPress Installation
Create a login and password for your WordPress install, using your email.

3. View Site Tools In SiteGround – 2:24

After installation of the WordPress application, still in the SiteGround area, view your website’s Site Tools just to see what is there.

What Can I Do In SiteGround’s Site Tools
Set up free SSL, if it isn’t already set up (next optional step).
Create email addresses and check email.
View and edit WordPress files.
View IP, nameserver, stats, domain options, and more.

View SSL and Install Let’s Encrypt (optional)

While you are in Site Tools, pick Security on the left side and SSL manager. If you have SSL installed already, you will see an active certificate. If you don’t have an active certificate for your domain, pick Let’s Encrypt and “Get.”

That will install SSL on your site so your website has the essential lock box in the top left of the address bar when users visit your site.

Install SSL on Siteground website
In site tools, a look at the security tab, SSL manager. This website has no active certificate, so it needs Let’s Encrypt, and click “GET” to install SSL.

4. Go To Your WordPress Site – 3:14

To easily go to your WordPress site, back out of Site Tools by clicking Go To My Account on the top left. On the websites tab, you should see your website. Next to the name of your site, you should see a box with an arrow. This link will automatically log you in to your WordPress site. This is simple and quick since it might be a few hours before servers know about your site.

SiteGround My Websites View
My Websites View. Click the box with the arrow to log in automatically.

View Your WordPress Site (The Back End)

When you first view your WordPress back end by clicking the above link, you will encounter a SiteGround Central set up screen. You don’t need to follow this, so you can click skip, as we can install the theme and plugins on our own.

Change URL to HTTPS So SSL Works

From the dashboard, click Settings on the left, and General.

If you had to install SSL (Let’s Encrypt), you will probably have to change the URL of your site from http to https. Do this for both fields. If you already have https in there, then skip this step.

Change your site from http to https in both fields.

After you do this, scroll down and click save. NOTE: This will log you out of your site! That’s ok, now you can also log in the direct way.

5. Log In To Your Site With Email And Password – 4:27

After you log out of your site, you can always log back in by going to the page “https://mysite…” In this case, whatever domain your website is, add “/wp-login.php” and enter the email and password you put in when you installed WordPress a few steps ago.

Login screen for WordPress application.
Login screen for your WordPress site. Notice the domain plus /wp-login.php in the address bar.

6. Install Theme and Plugins – Bonus step, not in video.

Even though this post is just about installing WordPress, you have the option of installing some nice themes and plugins below.

Install Astra Theme, or Browse Free Themes

Back in the dashboard, you can see Appearance, Themes on the left.

Install Theme in WordPress
Click Add New and search for Astra or browse free themes.

Install Plugins

You can also install Spectra, a free plugin that has great blocks added to Gutenberg and free page templates for your site.

On the left, pick plugins, and you will see your free SiteGround plugins, the Optimizer, Security, and Central.

Pick Add new, and search for Spectra, install it, and activate it.

A view of the plugins in your WordPress website
View your plugins and add new plugin Spectra.

7. Make A Page From A Free Template – Bonus Step (not in video)

Now, when you are ready to make a page, select Pages on the left, and Add New.

At the top of the page, you will see a button called template kits. This button is from the Spectra plugin, and it allows you to import templates into your page. Enjoy!

making a page with a template with button template kits.
Notice the template kits button at the top of the page.

Wrapping Up

The WordPress ecosystem continues to improve in efficiency and ease of use as time goes on. With millions of users and tons of free plugins that are well-supported and frequently updated, it continues to be one of the best ways to set up a website. We hope you enjoyed installing WordPress on SiteGround hosting, and if you run into issues, leave a comment in the video or check out the great chat support.