simple small business sites

Keys to Simple Websites For Small Businesses

Is your small business looking to take charge of its online presence?  Step By Step WordPress will show you all the steps you need to take to create a professional, simple website.  If you try the Small Business Site Creation Tutorial, you will see that you can have a functioning site in one day.

Professional Designs You Can Adapt

The keys to the small business site creation program is that you don’t have to do everything yourself.  You can finally lean on some professionals for your color schemes, page design, and font choices.  You don’t need to learn the nuances of web design.  You don’t need to go back to school for programming.  You can outsource the initial site to professional coders, download the entire site for free, and customize it to fit your own needs.

Free Sites Using Free Tools

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  The small business site creation program uses free tools to create a simple small business site.  The program relies on WordPress, which is the world’s most popular small business framework.  Within each site, the plugins that are required are free and easy to install (some plugins have a pro version you can pay for, but you don’t need it to follow the tutorial).  Lastly, the professional, small business site that you use as your inspiration and skeleton for your own site is free.

Simple Sites Help Customers

By keeping your website simple and professional, your customers will thank you.  Your site will be easy to navigate and contacting your small business won’t be a hassle.  Let your site be a welcomed oasis compared to the current cluttered internet.  In this way, you will cultivate a trusted online presence with returning customers.

Design Your Site For Speed

A major goal of your website should be to provide your customers with answers as fast as possible.  No matter how they ended up on your site, if you provide more answers than questions, you will probably get more customers.  Second, by sticking to the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle, you pages will load faster.  A complicated page with 5-10 sections and a dozens of photos might frustrate your customers.  In general, the less complicated you make your small business site, the faster it will load, and load time is important for your customers on mobile and slow internet connections.  Page load speed also influences your ranking in search engines, so it can directly affect the number of visits to your site.  On a side note, speed can also be affected by your host, so make sure you use a reliable host to store your site.