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Photo Editing Tips For Passive Income Website

With a few simple tips, you can take your photos from average to amazing with just a few clicks of the mouse. So if you want to make your affiliate website look its best, read on for some photo editing tips that will take your images to the next level!

Tip 1 – Use A Light Photo Editor

By using a free photo editor such as, you can easily work with images in layers and produce web-ready photos. If you have a mac and you want a decent free photo program, try Gimp. You can adjust the sizes to be consistent, and you can decrease the resolution so that your blog pages download in a snap. Page size and download speed are important metrics to rank in google, so having images with less data footprint will help your blog score on google.

Tip 2 – Use A Product Template

If you can design a template in your photo editor, you only have to design it once. Once you get the layers how you want them, all you need to do for each product review is replace the featured photo (see Tip 3), and the title text. This tip will save you tons of time. As a blogger, you can only do so many things. By having a product template ready to go, you can ship the images in a few minutes.

Tip 3 – Screenshot Product Photos

Product photos on Amazon are an easy way to obtain quality images for your blog. You don’t have to download them, either. Instead, you can use screenshot snippets of the Amazon product to copy the image on to the clipboard. From the clipboard, you can paste the image on to your product template (image examples above).


If you are constantly working on editing photos, your affiliate website might morph into a full time job instead of a passive income affiliate site. We hope these tips will help you overcome this problem. In the end, your readers will thank you. It makes your blog more professional, and your readers will feel more confident following links to your favorite products.