wordpress personal trainer site

WordPress Personal Trainer Site With Free Gutenberg Template

This personal trainer site template is easy to navigate and easy to design.

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  1. Get SiteGround Hosting
  2. Add SSL
  3. Install Theme and Plugins
  4. Install Personal Trainer Template Site
  5. Customize Template Site

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Making a personal trainer site has never been easier, thanks to free Gutenberg templates and this beginner tutorial!

Now you can leverage free templates designed by experts, and take advantage of the Gutenberg page builder that comes with WordPress.

Below you can find the steps in creating a personal trainer site in WordPress.

Step 1 – Get Hosting

If you need hosting, this step will show you how you can obtain WordPress hosting with SiteGround. SiteGround is a great option because both beginners and advanced users can take advantage of their platform.

Some benefits of SiteGround hosting are listed below.

  1. Backups For 1 Month
  2. Free email
  3. Optimizer Plugin
  4. Security Plugin
  5. Great Customer Service Chat

Step 2 – Install SSL

To install SSL, this step will work best if you follow the video closely. Specifically, it helps to be logged in to both your SiteGround account and your WordPress site at the same time. Then follow the steps in the video.

  • Add Let’s Encrypt to your website.
    • Site Tools, Security, SSL Manager
  • Change URLs “http” to “https” of your WordPress site
    • WordPress Dashboard, Settings, General

After scrolling to the bottom and saving, log back in, and you will see the lock in the address bar.

Step 3 – Install Theme and Plugins

Now we can install the theme and the plugins. The theme Astra is required to install the starter site. From the dashboard, pick Appearance, Themes, and search for Astra. Install it and activate it.

Now let’s install the plugins. Pick plugins from the dashboard, add new, and search for each plugin. Astra Starter Sites (required), Ultimate Addons (optional), SEOPress (optional), Elementor (optional [not needed for Gutenberg template, but needed for Elementor template]) are the plugins. Install and activate them once you find them.

Step 4 – Install Gutenberg Template Site

Now we can install the Personal Trainer template site. In the dashboard, go to Appearance, Starter Templates. Choose the Gutenberg icon if you want a Gutenberg template.

Browse the templates, click potential sites that you like, and see how they look by clicking all the pages in the navigation bar. If you find one that you like, install it.

Step 5 – Customize Your Template Site

For the final step, you can customize your personal trainer site. As a beginner, it is much easier to click a block, and change the content. Keep in mind, your Gutenberg template was designed by experts, and it can be difficult to match the expertise if you decide to make blocks by scratch. The video will have tips and tricks you can try, and remember to use the “undo” button at the top if you make a mistake.

Hopefully, you will get your personal trainer site up and running with this tutorial, and you can get back to helping your clients. Feel free to leave any questions in the YouTube video comments.